art by Jasper Kipp

VOK: 2.23

newIMG_9139Adaline Bray

“[I’ve learned] to be patient. He keeps us young with all the aerobatic [stunts] and running around he does. He really adds life to [our] home.”

newIMG_9157Adaline Bray

“It’s a more complicated world. Kirkwood is this cute little town, which in a way reminds of when I lived in Los Angeles forty five years ago. It was a small town atmosphere. You could leave your bicycle outside a restaurant and not worrying about it being stolen. But, there’s so many more worries these days. So many things have changed and not for the better. ”

newMG_9094Adaline Bray

“I remember my first suicide call. We’re the first on the scene, [even] before the paramedics. I’ve had to tell family members a loved one has died. No one teaches you how to respond when a person has passed. In my opinion [lately], we seem to go on more calls where it’s a juvenile that’s making statements [about] suicide [then we used to], and we have to [escort] them to the hospital. I think about when I was fourteen [or so] and those thoughts just never crossed my mind.” – Officer Gary Baldridge

Officer Baldridge would like to remind anyone if they are having suicidal thoughts to reach out to their parents, teachers, counselors or trusted adult or to call 9-1-1 for assistance.

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