VOK: 2.26

February 26, 2016


Gabi Baker

“I know everyone who comes here [Great Harvest]. We sit around and gab and solve all of the world’s problems.”

mara hockermanGabi Baker

“What was the happiest day in your life?” “Oh, that’s an easy one. The day I met my wife. She was a student at Rice University. She was an amazing pool player, but also shy and quiet. At the time, I was an amazing pool player as well. One day there was a women’s pool championship game and everybody went to watch. When she finished playing, all these guys started talking to her. And I saw through her. It wouldn’t work to go up to her and start talking to her. She was too shy. So what I did, which was the slickest thing I have ever done in my life, was I went up to her and introduced myself and said, ‘Excuse me. There was a shot that you missed and there is a technique to get that shot. If you know the technique then you will always make this shot. Do you mind if I show you?’ She said yes. This was in 1970 and we have been together ever since.”


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