VoK: Mass shootings

Claire Boysen, features editor

TKC asked KHS students about how they felt after hearing about the school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

photo by Claire Boysen

“Of course I was sad,” Abigail Dowell, sophomore said. “I don’t know how else to feel. I definitely think it’s very sad that the parents had to get that call about the kids and it was probably very traumatic for the city too. It’s gonna affect everyone whether you were involved or not. It could happen anywhere. There needs to be rehabilitation for the families because I know there are ways to deal with grief and I think that the families of the kids should get help.”

photo by Claire Boysen

“I was scared,” Lilly Palmer, junior said. “It’s true, [shootings] could happen anywhere at any time. It was devastating to hear that America is still struggling with mass shootings. I go to school with [people with] many other opinions and it’s important to respect everyone’s. I personally think there [is] something that needs to be done to prevent people from buying them, but I don’t necessarily think we should ban all of them. [When I got back to school after hearing about the shooting], I liked seeing Officer Johler on campus knowing that we have someone. [In order to cause change], I think people should stop with hashtags. Just posting your thoughts on social media isn’t going to do anything. If it’s really bothering you, you should do something, there are already kids our ages who are marching and standing up for what they believe in, and going to a school like Kirkwood, I know that everyone is capable of doing that.”

photo by Claire Boysen

“When I heard about the shooting, I was scared because I’m a student,” Aaron Stieglitz, sophomore said. “I thought that if that were to happen here, that’d be pretty scary. I was in shock. We need to watch students more and get to know students better so we can prevent these shootings. [The shooter in Parkland] was set off because his mom died and he snapped, but there [are] so many students at school that anybody could snap and just the thought of that’s scary.”

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