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How to stay motivated during e-Learning

Three hundred and sixty minutes. That’s how long students may spend sitting at a desk on Zoom each school day. The excessive time staring at a computer screen while learning remotely takes a toll on the mental health of students. Due to less aspects that traditionally drive students to attend class, like seeing friends, student motivation has declined. According to a TKC survey, 63.7% of students (142/223) feel that e-Learning has negatively impacted their motivation.

“[To stay motivated,] people need to be doing things to be a healthy person,” Rachel Cosic, senior guidance counselor, said. “Continue going outside, taking walks, eating healthy [and] sleeping [enough].  Exercise, sleeping and eating – being healthy in those three ways will help in so many ways. I think we get off-kilter with that when we’re stuck in the house.”

In addition to managing these essential elements of health, there are other ways to increase motivation. Below are four additional strategies to try that may help you strengthen your work ethic and keep up with schoolwork.

Get support from others
Plan out your weekly work
Give yourself breaks
Reflect on your accomplishments

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