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School is a place where we learn about the world, a place where we grow into ourselves, a place where we should feel safe.

Call Ed: Too close to home

TKC Staff January 10, 2023

Jean Kuckza, mother of five, woke up the morning of Oct. 24, got ready and drove to work at Central Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) high school like she had almost every day since 2008. Alexandria Bell,...

Paddling, like low-rise jeans, made a not-so-popular comeback in the news after Cassville School District in Missouri chose to reinstate the practice.

Call Ed: Let’s skip this beat

TKC Staff October 7, 2022

It’s legal to hit little kids in Missouri.  Well, under certain circumstances. Corporal punishment is a form of discipline used to “teach kids a lesson,” or cause an immense amount of fear, lifelong...

KSD administrators banned 14 books in response to the signing of Missouri Senate Bill 775 once the bill went into effect Aug. 28, the third-most of any school district in St. Louis County, after Rockwood and Lindbergh.

Call Ed: Mom and Dad don’t know what’s best

TKC Staff March 29, 2022

Out of all the problems in our world right now — inequality, racism, healthcare, poverty, sexism, war — it seems American parents have found the paramount topic to complain about: books. The push to...

With the dress code policy being a controversial topic at KHS these past couple weeks, TKC staff unanimously (68/68) voted that the dress code should be updated to address its inconsistency, sexism and outdated policies.

Call Ed: Addressing the dress code

TKC Staff October 7, 2021

    “No butts, boobs or bras.”  This motto, otherwise known as the “Three B’s,” is widely referred to when discussing the dress code at KHS. Whether at assemblies or during...

While the costs of running the bases seem to outweigh the benefits, condemning casual sex isnt the answer.

Call Ed: Bases loaded

TKC Staff April 20, 2021

Our society is saturated with sex. On TV, in our magazines and even in our own conversations, it has a fixed place in our culture. Sometimes sexual activity comes during a long-term relationship, sometimes...

White people must continue to fight the comfort of their silence.

Call Ed: White people, you’ve had your rest

TKC Staff April 12, 2021

The dangerous power of white fatigue in the fight for racial justice, specifically through the fluctuating use of social media, goes beyond a yes or no question, and we wanted our process and editorial...

TKC continues to call on KSD to include students in their decisions.

Call ed: We should not return full-day

TKC Staff March 14, 2021

Over four months ago, TKC wrote a staff editorial calling for the inclusion of student voices in KSD’s decision to return to in-person learning. Now, Kirkwood’s middle and high schools are in full...

Suddenly it comes: you need to poop. With almost four more hours left in the school day, you have an important decision to make.

Call ed(s)

TKC Staff March 3, 2021

TKC aims to cover issues affecting our community and student body. Recent acts of racism in our community and terrorism in our nation’s capital, among other events, have proved this a heavy and potentially...

After extensively comparing both music services, 77% (51/66) of TKC staff believe that Spotify is the superior music platform.

Call Ed teaser: Spotify vs. Apple Music

TKC Staff February 3, 2021

The rivalry between Spotify and Apple Music has been an ongoing debate for years, so TKC is here to finally settle the dispute and name a winner. After extensively comparing both music services, 77% (51/66)...

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