MyCole Pruitt celebrates scoring a touchdown for the Tennessee Titans. (Photo courtesy of the Tennessee Titans)
MyCole Pruitt celebrates scoring a touchdown for the Tennessee Titans.

Photo courtesy of the Tennessee Titans

Remember the Titan

November 27, 2019

For MyCole Pruitt, 2010 KHS graduate and current Tennessee Titan, playing professional football wasn’t always a dream ⁠— and when it became one, getting there didn’t materialize easily. Achieving this eventual dream meant sacrifice: being bussed from the city to KHS and getting by with what his mom could afford for their family. Despite these obstacles, however, Pruitt’s hard-working nature and pursuit of improvement ultimately helped him make it to the NFL.

“When you think you’re working hard, there’s probably someone out there working even harder,” Pruitt said. “If you really want to make it, you have to put in time and effort and make sacrifices that don’t come easy. I [tried to] and still try to step on the field and do the best I can every time I’m out there.”

According to Bryan Hagerty, KHS offensive coordinator during Pruitt’s freshman year, Pruitt—who had not played football prior to high school—entered the program with raw talent. Although his 6-foot-3-inch, 215-pound frame and background playing basketball helped him athletically, developing Pruitt’s football talents demanded constant instruction. 

“[When] the background is such that you don’t have [much] experience, virtually everything and every aspect of the game has to be reaffirmed and reaffirmed,” Hagerty said. “[Pruitt] was much bigger, much stronger than some kids who were a couple years older than he was, [and so] we plugged him into [the offense] and asked him to do things that 18-year-olds couldn’t do.”

It didn’t take long for Pruitt’s teammates to notice his abilities at both defensive end and tight end. According to Ahmad Hicks, 2009 KHS graduate and teammate of Pruit at both the high school and collegiate levels, Pruitt’s arrival in the NFL seemed inevitable during those formative seasons.

“Dello Davis, a former [football] star at KHS, literally sat [with] me on the bus one day as MyCole got off the bus, and we both looked at each other and he said, ‘MyCole is going to the NFL,’” Hicks said. “When MyCole got between those white lines, no one played with more passion than him. [His] work ethic on the field and intensity were unmatched, especially at the moment when he knew he could take it to the next level and become a dynamic player.” 


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