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51 things you’ve definitely said if you went to KHS

51 things you've definitely said if you went to KHS

Jane Stewart, communications editor

March 15, 2018 Have you ever said or heard any of these phrases around the halls of KHS? Let us know in the comments below.

Summer in a snap(chat)

Summer in a snap(chat)

Maisie Bradley, public relations editor

August 28, 2017

Thank you to Anna Stutz, Josie Costello, Mary Ralston, Peyton Roberts, Katie Rudolph, Maggie Burton, Katie Judd, Lizzie Stobbe, Saylor Smith, Bridget Killian, Abby Larson, Ruby Keller and Katie Sachs for submitting videos.   Uncopyrighted music courtesy of GoPro's royalty free website.

C-SPAN 2017 StudentCam national competition winners

C-SPAN 2017 StudentCam national competition winners

Abby Geisz, copy editor

April 3, 2017

AP Language and Composition students were assigned to enter in the C-SPAN’S 2017 StudentCam national competition. KHS had four winners: Hailey Chellis, Katie Judd, Sarah Morgan and Clarke Shead, juniors. They each received honorable mentions for their videos on the topic asking, “What is the most u...

TKC hot sauce challenge

TKC hot sauce challenge

Annie O'Brien, Justin Sweeney, and Michael Teasdale

March 10, 2017

TKC competed to see who could drink the most “Dave’s Insanity Sauce,” the original hottest sauce in the universe, in the Hot Sauce Challenge. Watch their hilarious suffering and deeply pained reactions in the videos below.   Here are the scores: Adele Baughm...

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