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Super Bowl LIV preview

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers meet in Miami for Super Bowl LIV Feb. 2. Art by Hayden Davidson.

Hayden Davidson, sports writer

January 30, 2020

Anything can happen in sports, especially in high-stakes, heat-of-the-moment games. In the Super Bowl’s recent history, we’ve seen a two-point conversion play that earned its own nickname (the “Philly Special”), a comeback from 28-3 at halftime and a puzzling pass play call at the goal line with time about...

Garrett vs Rudolph and how the NFL should handle it

It’s Thursday Night Football, and the 11th such game of the 2019 season is almost over.

Henry Chappell, sports writer

December 13, 2019

It’s Thursday Night Football, and the 11th such game of the 2019 season is almost over. The Cleveland Browns are about to finally beat their rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and improve their sinking playoff hopes. Then, all heck breaks loose with eight seconds left. Steelers QB Mason Rudolph, who...

Remember the Titan

MyCole Pruitt celebrates scoring a touchdown for the Tennessee Titans.

Tom Mueller, sports editor

November 27, 2019

For MyCole Pruitt, 2010 KHS graduate and current Tennessee Titan, playing professional football wasn’t always a dream ⁠— and when it became one, getting there didn’t materialize easily. Achieving this eventual dream meant sacrifice: being bussed from the city to KHS and getting by with what his...

The downfall of Antonio

Antonio Brown used to be one of the best wide receivers in football, but now he no longer plays in the NFL.

Henry Chappell, sports writer

October 21, 2019

Antonio Brown used to be viewed by me as the best wide receiver in football. On week 17 of the 2018 NFL season, the Steelers played a must-win game against the Cleveland Browns. This would decide if they made the postseason. Then, the news broke from Mike Tomlin, Steelers head coach, about Pittsburgh’...

JMac: Back to where it all started

Before all the fame, Jeremy Maclin, 2006 KHS graduate, walked the same halls KHS students do today.

Hayden Davidson, sports writer

October 15, 2019

For the past decade, people across the country, especially Kirkwood residents, have turned on the TV every Sunday in the fall to see the name “Maclin” on their screen. But before all the fame, Jeremy Maclin, 2006 KHS graduate, walked the same halls KHS students do today. Now, he is back as a foo...

Sexual misconduct in sports

It is acceptable for sports players to be physical with their opponents, but never with their partner.

Hayden Davidson and Tom Mueller

March 13, 2019

*Logos courtesy of   Larry Nassar, Jerry Sandusky and Ray Rice. The legacies of these men will forever be tainted by their reckless actions toward innocent people. Sexual misconduct and domestic violence damage various sports, age ranges and athletic skill levels. It is ac...

Sex has no place in sports

Benji Wilton, sports editor

February 26, 2019

It’s an easy sell: sculpted supermodels posing in exotic locations wearing little to no clothing, right at the fingertips of anyone willing to fork over a few dollars. Every year, Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition brings in about 7 percent of revenue for the renowned publication, according to F...

The Greatest of all GOAT’s

Tom Brady now has six Super Bowl titles to his name.

Zack Deutschmann, features writer

February 8, 2019

On February 3rd, Tom Brady cemented his place in NFL history. With a win over the Los Angeles Rams, he now has six Super Bowl titles to his name, placing him among the greatest athletes of all time. Should he be crowned the greatest of all time title after his recent masterpiece of a season? During a challeng...

The way of McVay

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons License

Benji Wilton, sports editor

February 3, 2019

Why was six afraid of seven? No, seven didn’t eat nine: six was a St. Louis Rams fan. Seven meant only seven wins, which meant no playoffs for the Rams once again. St. Louisans long suffered under the terrible coaching of Steve Spagnuolo and Jeff Fisher, but something changed only after crooked owne...

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