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Scroll, swipe, repeat

Lizzie Buckhold, features writer March 25, 2024

It's Saturday morning and the sun is shining. Hannah Barthelmass, junior, is still in her bed as she scrolls past yet another TikTok. It's nothing special, just another makeup tutorial. But suddenly, its...

Contrary to popular belief, only 13.5% of players walk out of a casino making a profit according to

The addiction nobody is talking about

Brennan Rea, sports editor March 21, 2024

*The names Matt, James and Mark have been used to protect the identity of sources in this article. When parents think of things to worry about their teenagers doing, it usually consists of smoking weed,...

Carly Smith holds her white poms, dancing her competition dance.

Steps to success

Chloe Popp, news writer March 20, 2024

In the lively halls of KHS, where students face academic and extracurricular pressures, one student stands out. Carly Smith, sophomore, is known not just for her academic achievements, but also for her...

Side profile of Ladybird from the movie that shares the same name. The article is based upon her movie.

Leaving the nest

Moth Bricker, features writer March 15, 2024

*The name Sam has been used to protect the identity of sources used in this article. The dynamic around parenting can come in many forms. Sometimes it's closer to a friendship, other times...

In the movie Moxie, stars are drawn on the hands of people who were supporting the feminist movement at the school.

The “Moxie” spirit at KHS

Emily Evans, opinions writer March 14, 2024

It’s the middle of a school day and she is in her math class. The teacher writes a problem on the board and asks for volunteers to solve it. She raises her hand and answers the question wrong. One of...

These five KHS teachers may not have been who you expected when they were in high school.

Yesterday’s students, today’s teachers

Nicholas Copeland, sports editor March 14, 2024

As she “breaks” into WGHS the day before her basketball tryouts with her friend, all she can think about is practicing her jumpshot for tomorrow. It’s not her fault; there was an open door to the...

From left: Cece Bartin, Anna Chellis and Maddie Rowan.

State to Sundance

Jane Roy, news editor March 14, 2024

One week, five hundred girls, polar opposite viewpoints, sexism and an Apple TV camera crew recording your every move. Sounds like a typical summer camp, right? Maddie Rowan, Anna Chellis and Cece Bartin...

Many KHS students have memorable stories to share about owning a fake ID.

Faking it: the McLovin way

Sanchan Khanuja, opinions writer March 13, 2024

*The names Evan, Seth and Jules have been used to protect the identities of sources in this article. In the life of Clark County, an adventure unfolds involving a crashed party, a gas station robbery...

Jerry and Joan Rappaport met when they were 15, and have been married for over 55 years.

This love is a shore thing

Alli Luth, social media editor March 12, 2024

Our story takes place in 1960’s Pennsylvania. Jerry Rappaport sat with his best friend, Barry, on the front steps of a row home. It was Barry’s girlfriend’s house; the boys would sit on the stoop,...

According to Principal Dr. Seth Harrell, there were a total of 779 days of absences from last semester.

KHS wanted

Jenna Tarroum, sports writer March 12, 2024

*The names Cameron and Ferris have been used to protect the identity of sources used in this article. Jacob Heller waits anxiously in the closet, hiding from his dad. While Heller was...

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