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Timmy Talir, senior, standing in his EMT uniform.

Senior profile: Timmy Talir

Allie Caffey, entertainment writer May 1, 2024

Boarding an ambulance in his EMT uniform, Timmy Talir, senior, readies the medical equipment needed to treat his next patient. Even though he is still training, he is treated just like any other EMT would...

Eva Smith has always had an interest in government, now shes ready to take the next step.

Senior profile: Eva Smith

Sophia Webb, features + in-depth editor May 1, 2024

College: Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas Major: Public Policy When you think of the Youth and Government (YAG) program here at KHS, the first face that should pop into your mind is Eva Smith....

Jamie Decker is en route to go to Ithaca college for music.

Senior profile: Jamie Decker

Moth Bricker, features writer May 1, 2024
'Just say yes'
Senior Profile: Holly Cochran

Senior Profile: Holly Cochran

Millie Reithel, news writer May 1, 2024

College: York St. John University  Major: Business management  As a little girl, she used to lie in bed with her mom and talk about all the places they dreamed of going. Raised on "Harry Potter,"...

Jed Holliday is attending Missouri State University, majoring in cinematography.

Senior profile: Jed Holliday

Josie Mottl, web managing editor May 1, 2024

College: Missouri State University Major: Cinematography In the front row of the bleachers, holding a sign to get everyone to cheer, stands Jed Holliday. He attends every football, basketball and...

Elizabeth Myers practicing bassoon.

Senior profile: Elizabeth Myers

Moth Bricker, features writer May 1, 2024

College: Northwestern Major: Music Performance Elizabeth Myers’ love of music began in first grade when she learned the piano. By fifth grade, she had picked up the clarinet, and by her sophomore...

Tri-athlete Reagan Redmon, Senior, poses for photo by: Cassie Sprang

Senior profile: Reagan Redmon

Emily Frissell, sports writer May 1, 2024

From a plethora of injuries to successes, Reagan Redmon, senior, said her involvement in sports has been a journey. She began with soccer, then took on basketball, as well as lacrosse. Once high school...

Danny OLeary stands in front of a picture of a model of a new house.

Senior profile: Danny O’Leary

Chloe Popp, news writer May 1, 2024

College: University of Mississippi Major: Finance He sits at a school desk, anticipating when it will be his time for success and achievement. Danny O'Leary, senior, said he originally wanted to...

TK Bernsen, senior, will be going to Saint Louis University to study nursing.

Senior profile: TK Bernsen

Caroline Darr, opinions writer May 1, 2024

College: St. Louis University Major: Nursing Growing up and hearing about her mom helping others as a nurse sparked TK Bernsen’s interest in nursing. Bernsen spends part of her days at STL CAPS...

Joe Snyder and Levi Rowan both are running Division 1 at the University of Tulsa next year.

Senior profile: Joe Snyder/Levi Rowan

Nicholas Copeland, sports editor May 1, 2024

College: University of Tulsa  Major: Joe Snyder - Mechanical Engineering Major: Levi Rowan - Exercise Science/Pre-physical Therapy As they  race through the finish line, completing their events...

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