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Many twins have different personalities, but there are some, like Anya and Leah, who are similar.

Two lives, one day

Allie Caffey, entertainment writer March 16, 2023

Two siblings, twins, walk in the hallway every day trying to get to class. Imagine how they feel trying to establish their own personality when they’re seen as two halves of the same person. If people...

The star of david, made of two triangles opposing each other, is a symbol of Judaism.

The rise of antisemitism in America

Mason Heller, breaking news editor March 13, 2023

It’s a quiet morning in downtown St. Louis at the FBI office on Nov. 5, 2021. The static of the morning is quickly dispersed as a dial tone loudly rings. The dispatcher cautiously picks up the handset...

Lily Clark (right) and Luci Clark (left) plan on starting their own boba business in Kirkwood.

Boba shop opening up in Kirkwood

Khadija Khan, copy editor March 13, 2023

The smell of pineapples, strawberries and milk tea permeates the air as Lily Clark, founder of Bo.Co, works diligently to perfect her pineapple whip boba drink. Her younger sister, Luci Clark, helps her...

According to the Harvard Business Review, ChatGPT can help save time and resources for businesses and individuals.

Chatting about GPT

Maddie Hickman, social media editor February 24, 2023

Since the launch of ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in Nov. 2022, students around the country have begun using the program to write English essays and solve math problems. According to Fox2Now,...

From left to right, Riedwan Iman, Iqra Abdullahi and Jenna Tarroum.

A walk in her shoes

Khadija Khan, copy editor February 21, 2023

Stroking the soft fabric in her hands, Iqra Abdullahi, junior, delicately places the silk scarf over her head, pinning the fabric securely in place. Putting on her pink headphones, she takes a moment to...

According to the AARP Foundation, 26% of people without a significant other feel lonely on Valentine’s Day.

Breaking up with Valentine’s Day

Maddie Hickman, social media editor February 14, 2023

According to Healthline, Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is targeted towards couples. It’s filled with romantic dates, boxes of chocolate and saying “I love you.” According to the AARP Foundation,...

With the popular debate on whether or not dance is a sport, most of Kirkwood is in support of their dance team being a sport.

Disrespecting dance

Natalie Bednarski, news writer February 9, 2023

Similar to other KHS sports, the KHS dance team has a varsity and JV team, practices three times a week and participates in various competitions. However, on the KHS athletics website, they’re still...

Coming soon to Keating Theater is the 2023 freshman/sophomore play, The Recesses.

Actors behind the freshman/sophomore play: The Recesses

Sophia Webb, entertainment writer January 27, 2023

Coming soon to Keating Theater is the 2023 freshman/sophomore play, The Recesses. Rehearsals for the production have been ongoing since late November 2022, and have been filled with many students who have...

As thrift stores get busier than ever, prices on secondhand goods have increased drastically. Now, some low-income customers are unable to afford basic necessities at thrift stores.

Old goods, new prices

Wyatt Byers, entertainment writer January 25, 2023

Amber Branson, mother of two, has been a frequent shopper at the Crestwood Savers for the past decade. She used to buy clothes for herself, but now she’s buying tableware for her house, books for her...

College preparations can look like a variety of different activities.

College preparations

Anna Kaiser, entertainment writer January 18, 2023

The stress of college preparations and applications can be overwhelming for many. As the year continues to get closer to the end, seniors are starting to look at what they need to be doing. For Emme Bailey,...

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