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14 months later: Columns

14 months later: Columns

TKC Staff May 17, 2021

For the last TKC news cycle of the school year, next year’s editorial board decided to pose a prompt to our staff:   It’s been 14 months since COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill....

Art by Emma Frizzell. Be your own person, let go of expectations or stereotypes or judgments, and you will thrive. 

Senior column: Molly Higgins

Molly Higgins, print editor May 4, 2021

College: Fordham University Major: Journalism/marketing Throughout the chaos of the past year, there is one thing that has never failed to bring me joy. I truly believe  nothing is quite as exhilarating...

Art by Graesen Joyce. I’ll remind you that changes — big or small — can be incredibly transformative.

Senior column: Tom Mueller

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief May 4, 2021

College: Washington University in St. Louis Major: Undecided There’s a neologism I’ve recently become fond of: sonder, the realization that everyone in the world is living a life as complex as...

Certainly the most distinguished farewell addresses, those of men of brilliance and prominence like Washington and Eisenhower, were heard and widely praised. Still, even they were not truly listened to.

Senior column: Daniel Tobias

Daniel Tobias, political editor May 1, 2021

College: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities Major: Statistics What is a “senior column” but an unimportant farewell address that few will read and likely no one will internalize? Certainly...

It’s more than that, though. I cracked open the door to the boy’s club; I’ve learned I can master a foreign skill, and maybe even love it. 

Senior column: Olivia Silvey

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor April 29, 2021

College: Trinity College Major: Political Science In June 2020, I had never played golf. I started caddying at a country club for a COVID-19-safe job with my younger brother, miles beyond my comfort...

Nixon created an irreparable divide between the White House and the rest of the world. That has never gone away - in fact, it has only gotten worse.

Dear Mr. Richard Nixon

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor April 20, 2021

We meet again. I really hate to bother you a year later — I’m sure you’re enjoying a tax-free afterlife — but if you haven’t heard, Congress impeached 45. Yes, for the second time. He keeps making...

The KHS cafeteria sits undisturbed on Oct. 26, two weeks before students would return in person.

We are still failing

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor November 11, 2020

A little less than a week before I was supposed to start my senior year in person, my boss called to tell me I had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19. I’m a golf caddy, and on the...

If you've got an opinion, you're going to need some help surviving this political climate.

Political Issue: Survivor’s guide to having an opinion

Nathan Sweeney, features writer October 25, 2020

So, you have an opinion. Great! As long as you don’t share it with anybody, you should be fine. At least that’s one trick I’ve picked up in a country where political arguments always end in yelling,...

Senior Column: Benji Wilton

Senior Column: Benji Wilton

Benji Wilton, print editor May 27, 2020

College: Rice University Major: Economics "Mr. Furious.” My parents gave me that nickname when I was little for my intense stubbornness that never seemed to let up. Performing tasks conventionally...

Senior Column: Maddie Meyers

Senior Column: Maddie Meyers

Maddie Meyers, editor in chief May 26, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism & Spanish   At 10:15 p.m. my friends –– AKA the Core Four –– and I laugh as we wander through the Nashville Opryland Hotel in our...

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