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Here is an updated map of KHS after recent renovations, drawn by Bo Maney

A tour of KHS

Mia Intagliata, opinions writer September 19, 2023

Congratulations, you’ve made it to high school. Whether you’re nervous or excited, you’ll probably still end up getting lost on your first day, so let me help you try to figure out the building....

New year, old rules

New year, old rules

Jane Roy, New editor September 19, 2023

As the summer comes to an end and pool days turn into school days, students are left with one question: what should I wear? You may be like me, having collected American Eagle tiny tops and jean shorts...

I want someone to take me out on a date, or maybe even ask me out in person. I know this seems like a lot to ask, but it’s really not.

Oldie but a goodie

Jane Roy, opinions editor February 7, 2023

Dear Gen Z,  Each and every one of us wants to fall in love. We want our true love's kiss and a happy Disney movie ending. But let's be real; do you know a single person who has that? Relationships...

I have learned five different coping techniques you can use if you suffer from anxiety too.

Step by step

Tess Hubbard, photographer January 24, 2023

Your heart starts racing, chest tightens and lungs feel as if there is no air. Your anxiety is creeping up on you. I often experience anxiety at school. It is a vicious cycle of feeling stress, falling...

As athletics seasons end, so does the sports careers of many high school athletes.

Division done

Kinley Bokermann, editor-in-chief December 7, 2022

That’s it. No more 8 a.m. summer workouts. No more Hudl film sessions. No more religiously checking STLToday stats. No more practices. No more broken fingers or trips to the trainer. No more out-of-town...

I wish she realized that although everyone is happy in heaven, she has plenty of time before she gets there.

Everyone’s happy in Heaven

Jane Roy, opinions editor November 28, 2022

“Mom, I want to go to heaven.”  I hadn’t eaten a sustainable meal for a week. Some sort of darkness was taking over my body, creating thoughts I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. “Please don’t...

Adulthood is not determined by our age, but when we learn to mature.

Age of adulthood

Jane Roy, opinions writer April 1, 2022

Becoming a grown-up is more than a special birthday that determines when you’ve crossed over into adulthood. I mean, I've met an 8-year-old who is more mature than a 24-year-old “adult.” We don’t...

Sadly, PDA occurs at school on a daily basis.

PDA: Save it for later

Jane Roy, opinions writer March 6, 2022

PDA: public display of affection, or what I like to call, “making everyone around you feel uncomfortable.” Don’t get me wrong, showing affection toward your significant other is not bad. Whether...

What I’ve found is that something so small can sometimes put life into so much perspective.

Gratitude 365

Audrey Blaine, visual managing editor November 24, 2021

My sophomore year started in shambles. Between coming out, adjusting to harder classes and finding out my mom had cancer, my mental health began its downward spiral. So, looking for any answer, I turned...

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