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Senior Profile: Melodie Heaps

Senior Profile: Melodie Heaps

Kailey Shirrell, opinion's writer

June 22, 2020

As she looked around at her classmates preparing college applications and stressing about extracurriculars, she realized college wasn’t a path she wanted to follow. Instead, Melodie Heaps, senior, decided to follow her passion, writing. It just so happens to be leading her to a writing retreat in Ireland. During her own time or as she...

Senior Profile: Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee

Seniors Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee took home first place in the integrated marketing category of the 2020 regional DECA competition. Photo Courtesy of Zach Millenbruck and Aidan McGee. Art by Emma Frizzell.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

June 11, 2020

In total, six groups were called to the stage. As the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) judges named the fourth, third and second place winners, Aidan McGee and Zach Millenbruck, seniors, were standing, waiting and hoping their names would be the last announced.  “Zach Millenbruck ...

Senior Column: Malcia Greene

Truth be told, I’ve enjoyed being the jester and not always the ringmaster.

Malcia Greene, associate editor

June 11, 2020

College: University of Missouri Major: Journalism  “Steve,” my mom stammered. “Have you seen our daughter’s Instagram?” My dad had not. “Clown College ’24” my new bio proudly read. Part of me needed a filler while waiting to hear back from universities while part of me ne...

Senior profile: Sam Priestley

Senior profile: Sam Priestley

Mya Copeland, features writer

June 11, 2020

For most seniors, the first day of this school year marked the beginning months of submitting college applications and waiting to hear responses. But for Sam Priestley, it was just the first day of senior year. As a junior, Priestley decided not to go to college, instead choosing to pursue a career in phot...

Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr

Senior Profile: Natalie Scherr

Amara Harper, features+in-depth editor

June 11, 2020

Natalie Scherr is obsessed with movement. As an experienced dancer, she always knew she loved learning about the way her body could move to a beat. However, it wasn’t until high school that she realized this interest went beyond dance and into the world of physics and engineering.  “I definite...

Senior Profile: Ross Stauder

Ross Stauder, senior, will be attending Colorado State University to study computer sciences.

Amelia Hurley, features + in-depth editor

June 4, 2020

Ross Stauder, senior, will be attending Colorado State University to study computer sciences.

Senior Column: Charlotte Heinrich

Art by Grayson Joyce.

Charlotte Heinrich, editor-in-chief

May 27, 2020

College: The College of Charleston Majors: Business and Hospitality, with a minor in Historical Preservation A lot of people don’t know I have a sister. Eleanor, who we call El, is 6 years older than me. To top it off, little miss smarty pants skipped a grade, creating a seven-grade difference...

Senior Profile: Kelley Cochran

Catherine Butler, copy editor

May 21, 2020

St. Louis University | Nursing “I feel so alive up here.” The moment Kelley Cochran, senior, stepped onto the stage during her first play, that was what she thought. As a child, Kelley had watched plays often and began performing in third grade with a production of “Once On This Island.”...

Senior Column: Ethan Peter

You adopted me into your classes, cliques, sports and social lives.

Ethan Peter, web editor

May 8, 2020

College: University of Missouri Majors: Strategic Communications and Marketing With all due respect, I never wanted to meet any of you. You’re scary, so scary that I cried when my parents told me I’d be spending the next four years with you in your school. They explained it was a great plac...

Senior Profile: Anna Cartwright

“All the difficult tasks of taking care of horses as well as riding them has definitely given me an everyday challenge,” Anna said. “Horses have taught me how to become a leader, gain responsibility, trust, dedication and much more.”

Mia Alexander, video editor

April 15, 2020

Swarmed with mixed emotions, she put on her riding boots and prepared to mount her horse. Her eagerness to ride was apparent, but the incessant buzzing of her alarm clock still lingered in her mind as she watched the sunrise, still visible in the morning sky. These contradicting feelings are all too fa...

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