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The CHADS Coalition allows students to reach out through their presentations, counselors, and many other provided resources.

Top five art visuals of 2023

Lilly Maney and David Gaither January 5, 2024

We have gathered the top 5 art pieces from 2023 Sparking lights, saving lives art by Bri Raak 2024 Election: Don't worry, it's next year  art by Natalie Hosto Call Ed: The downfall of school...

Hot wings challenge with Dr. Havener

Video edited by Olivia Dothage

KHS Principal Dr. Mike Havener announced his retirement effective at the end of the school year Oct. 14.

Counting the days

Ian Reno, news editor April 21, 2023

So much time, but no idea what to do with it. After 29 years at KSD, Dr. Mike Havener will retire on July 1, 2023, having been a business teacher, an assistant principal, the assistant superintendent of...

According to, 600,000 middle school students and 3 million high school students in America smoke a form of e-cigarettes.

The crown juul

Mia Intagliata, opinions writer April 20, 2023

Disclaimer: The names Jane and Anna will be used to protect these students. For Jane, senior, every minute she can go without her vape is an accomplishment. She has been addicted to vaping since the...

Vas Djuranovic, junior, cradles his two kids during band class.

Baby blues: the teenage parents of KHS

Wyatt Byers, entertainment writer April 18, 2023

A new phenomenon has swept through KHS: teen pregnancy. On Feb. 22 and 23, 2023, over 100 students suddenly delivered children. Strangely, they were all in AP Psychology. These are their stories.  Vas...

Jane Dubburke views AP classes as a place to grow and learn.

Choosing the right schedule

Madeleine Krewet, opinions writer April 12, 2023

Ludbrook said nurses take an oath for patient-nurse confidentiality and that students should never feel embarrassed or afraid to come to the nurses for help.

Mothers of 2000 kids: From hospital to high school

Lila Shepard, managing editor April 10, 2023

Tucked between the Main Office and the business hallway, marked by an ordinary, slate-black sign, is the nurse’s office. When you first enter, there are a plethora of quick fixes from Band-Aids to cotton...

What Greg Nicholson enjoys most is building connections with students as a KSD substitute teacher.

Gonna be alright

Kinley Bokermann, editor-in-chief April 4, 2023

The sound of reggae echoes out of a classroom down the strait of the gray-colored hallway. Inside, a smiling man seated in his signature red sweatshirt hums the tune of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds”:...

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