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Homework sucks. I know it, you know it. It's time for a change.

Homework sucks, and I’m done doing it

Nathan Sweeney, features writer March 22, 2021

*This piece is entirely satirical.   Teachers, let’s cut right to the chase. I don’t like homework. You don’t like grading. So why does homework still exist? I’m no expert on the high...

We need to reconfigure our internal compasses to help us avoid the allure of unattainable goals and instead find contentment in reality.

Recalibrate your compass

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief March 20, 2021

*Opinion We’ve been robbed. From Disney, to Apple, to Gatorade to Nike, the swindlers are overt about their work. What they’re doing, though, isn’t illegal; they’re not defrauding us. They’re...

TKC continues to call on KSD to include students in their decisions.

Call ed: We should not return full-day

TKC Staff March 14, 2021

Over four months ago, TKC wrote a staff editorial calling for the inclusion of student voices in KSD’s decision to return to in-person learning. Now, Kirkwood’s middle and high schools are in full...

TKC wants to bring attention to historical and current issues of race often overlooked in Kirkwood schools and the community. In this in-depth, we highlight both problems and possible solutions of race-related issues to increase awareness of these topics. Art by Graesen Joyce

Recognizing race: unexplored issues in Kirkwood

Following the Black Lives Matter movement this summer, vandalism depicting racial slurs on three KSD buildings and the rise of media attention on racial issues, TKC wanted to bring attention to historical...

It’s a date (with you)

Audrey Blaine, art editor March 2, 2021

Last August, buried deep in dread for the new school year, I was mindlessly browsing YouTube. I happened to click on a video put out by vlogger Dustin Vuong called “i took myself on a date since no one...

Esports players compete on mobile devices, tablets, consoles, laptops and PCs.

Rated E: Esports for everyone

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief February 28, 2021

It had been a summer of losses: losses of time for socializing with friends, losses of opportunities for outdoor exploration and losses in video game competitions. Yet on the eve of the new school year,...

TKC will be updating its editorial policy to allow for the use of preferred pronouns in Call media.

TKC to begin asking for students’ preferred pronouns

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief February 28, 2021

TKC will begin using preferred pronouns. While this is something the publication has allowed intermittently in the past and more frequently lately, TKC will be updating its editorial policy to include...

KHS will return to full-day in-person learning March 15, with elements of the plan still in development.

KHS to return full-day, many questions still unanswered

Kate Schreiber and Olivia Silvey February 24, 2021

KHS will return to a full-day in-person learning schedule Monday, March 15, the first day of fourth quarter. For much of the year, the largest obstacle regarding the return to full-day in-person learning...

Current school boundaries divide Meacham Park, a predominantly African American neighborhood, into three elementary schools, creating a social divide in the community. Art by Graesen Joyce

In-depth: Safety in numbers

Megan Glasgow, Kate Schreiber, and Graesen Joyce February 23, 2021

It’s 3:30 p.m. Across Kirkwood, KSD elementary schoolers go home, have their afternoon snack and run outside to play with their neighbors. The kids who live on Electric St. in Meacham Park ride the...

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