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Photo Gallery: varsity pommie practice

Alyssa Kistler, freshman, gets asked COVID-19 questions before starting practice.

De Lila Green, photo editor

September 27, 2020

Practicing for any sport is difficult with COVID-19 restrictions, but for the varsity pommie team it is extra challenging. For them, it was a given that they would not have any crowds to perform to, yet the pommies still practice every Tuesday and Thursday and learn new dances. Some, like Ella Legear,...

Letter to the Editor: Smith responds to TKC social media post

Sophie Smith, president of the KHS young conservatives club writes in regarding a recent post to the TKC instagram page.

TKC Staff

September 16, 2020

September 16 -- TKC received the following letter from Sophie Smith, senior, in response to a TKC Instagram Voice's of Kirkwood post on Smith and the Young Conservatives club. To view the post, click here.   Recently, I was interviewed for a Voices of Kirkwood post for TKC’s social media. The pos...

Football and other sports prohibited from competing

High and moderate frequency contact sports such as football are currently not allowed to compete.

Kate Schreiber and Olivia Silvey

September 9, 2020

Football, soccer and other high and moderate frequency contact sports will not see competition for the near future. Student-athletes 14 years and older playing high and moderate frequency contact sports will not be able to compete in games of any kind, announced St. Louis County Executive Dr. Sam Page a...

Kirkwood, we are the problem

Protestors walk up Chopin street during the June 6 peace walk.

Genevieve Francois, visual managing editor

September 8, 2020

Feet move down the street in unison. “No justice, no peace!” soars through the air. Signs with Black fists dot the skyline like clouds. On June 6, 2020, Kirkwood streets were filled with supported protesters, whereas on Sept. 18, 2017, students were told they would be punished. This summer, Ki...

Fill your feed; Black Lives Matter accounts to follow

The Stlreentryfund helps formerly incarcerated people reenter into society.

Rachel Finan, health + wellness editor

August 26, 2020

As people rushed to post a black square on Tuesday, June 2, the growing need to stay informed and self-educated has become increasingly apparent. Feeds filled with all black screens highlighted those who simply took a one-and-done approach with the black out, set to amplify Black voices, are being increas...

Addressing sySTEMic problems

Photos courtesy of the Ora Lee Smith Cancer Research Foundation. left, Kelly Moffitt, center and Fraye Beyene, right.

Tom Mueller, editor-in-chief

August 24, 2020

Growing up, the only people she knew with college degrees were her teachers. She expected to cut hair for a living. After losing her aunt and uncle — the people who raised her — to cancer, however, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, medical physicist, decided it was time to reimagine cancer treatment. She...

Amplifying art

Paige Alyssa, singer-songwriter and producer, was born and raised in St. Louis.

Kate Schreiber, features + in-depth editor

August 24, 2020

“Miles Davis and Tina Turner [are from St. Louis]. Nelly is from [St. Louis]. All these people have had major moments in music in their respective genres. St. Louis really [has] so many great musicians here, and once you get into the scene you realize you’re just surrounded by giants.” It’s no coin...

KHS alumni share stories of sexual abuse

Katie Pappageorge, 1999 KHS graduate, began the conversation on July 7 by sharing a haunting story – her experience as a victim of sexual abuse by a former KHS teacher.

Molly Higgins, print editor

August 22, 2020

The Kirkwood High School Alumni Facebook group exploded with shares, comments and outrage. Katie Pappageorge, 1999 KHS graduate, began the conversation on July 7 by sharing a haunting story – her experience as a victim of sexual abuse by a former KHS teacher, who will remain unnamed as they have not...

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