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14 months later: Art

14 months later: Art

TKC Staff May 17, 2021

For the last TKC news cycle of the school year, next year’s editorial board decided to pose a prompt to our staff:   It’s been 14 months since COVID-19 brought the world to a standstill....

A self-portrait that shows the ups and downs of the past year

Juxtaposition – Liv Timp

Liv Timp, artist May 17, 2021

COVID-19 brought me so much bad, and good. But it was hard to see through the negatives that came with living through a pandemic at 16. Dealing with anti-maskers or COVID-19 deniers (sometimes in my family),...

Technology is supposed to be a connector but it can also make us mentally disconnected.

Technology – Elena Sherwood

Elena Sherwood, artist May 17, 2021

My art piece is intended to show that even though technology is supposed to be a connector; it can also make us mentally disconnected. Facetime is great but it does not compete with face to face human...

Being cut off from everyone was draining, but simple things were able to lift my spirits.

Connected – Morgan Hooker

Morgan Hooker, artist May 17, 2021

The past 14 months have been terribly difficult for everyone. But, what I’ve taken away from it is the importance of those you care about. Social interaction isn’t always easy or enjoyable, but spending...

Following the 14 months later prompt, I chose to depict who I have become during the pandemic.

Growth – Emma Frizzell

Emma Frizzell, artist May 17, 2021

In response to the 14 months later prompt, I chose to draw a self portrait. I wanted this art piece to show how I’ve grown into myself during this time. Even though it wasn’t always enjoyable, over...

Sometimes it's best to simply pause and admire the things right in front of you.

Pause – Thao-Vi Do

Thao-Vi Do, artist May 5, 2021

These past 14 months have allowed me to truly pause and appreciate the little things even though it did take some adjusting and perseverance. Without being able to see my friends and go places, these last...

Art by Laurel Seidensticker. Cecillia Escudero, senior, is planning on attending SLU and wants to minor in studio art and major in a science related course.

Senior profile: Ceci Escudero

Kailey Shirrell, news editor May 4, 2021

The pencil moves swiftly, unpredictable strokes and messy lines forming on the white paper. Ceci Escudero has been interested in art for as long as she can remember, taking classes in elementary, middle...

My art shows what the past 14 months have meant to me.

Break – Laurel Seidensticker

Laurel Seidensticker, artist May 4, 2021

For my art, I drew a cartoon that captured my feelings around learning to self prioritize. It took until 2020 to understand that my health and well-being are valuable. While school is important, it is...

Mara Alabsew will be attending Arizona State University. Alabsew plans on majoring in computer science and minoring in design.

Senior profile: Mary Alabsew

Grace Marcus, features writer April 29, 2021

Fashionistas she saw in TV and movies inspired Mary Alabsew to learn how to sew. Ever since she was little, these style icons sparked her interest in fashion and pushed her to pursue the hobby.  “Even...

At the start of each TKC cycle, the artists are given a prompt for Artists’ Take. This cycle’s prompt is “Valentine's Day.

Artists’ take #4: Valentine’s Day

Graesen Joyce, art editor February 14, 2021

At the start of each TKC cycle, the artists are given a prompt for Artists’ Take. With February 14th overlapping with this cycle, the prompt is “Valentine's Day." Artists’ Take is an...

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