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Political Issue: How Trump handled BLM (a thread of tweets)

President Trump is known for being a frequent Twitter user, with the BLM movement being a hot topic in his social media posts.

Sim Khanuja and Caroline Steidley

October 21, 2020

Unless you lived under a rock this summer, you are probably aware of the thousands of Black Lives Matter protests that were held in cities across the world. You may have even participated in one yourself. As one of the largest movements in U.S. history has unfolded, many have noticed how the president ...

Letter to the Editor: Kenyon responds to “Kirkwood, we are the problem”

Protestors walk up Chopin street during the June 6 peace walk.

TKC Staff

September 8, 2020

August 25 — TKC received the following letter from retired KHS history teacher B.J. Kenyon. The letter is addressed to the Call's editors. To read "Why Kirkwood is part of the problem," click here. Dear Kirkwood CALL editors, I am compelled to respond to ‘Why Kirkwood is Part of the Problem’ which appear...

Kirkwood, we are the problem

Protestors walk up Chopin street during the June 6 peace walk.

Genevieve Francois, visual managing editor

September 8, 2020

Feet move down the street in unison. “No justice, no peace!” soars through the air. Signs with Black fists dot the skyline like clouds. On June 6, 2020, Kirkwood streets were filled with supported protesters, whereas on Sept. 18, 2017, students were told they would be punished. This summer, Ki...

Black and LGBT history: Forever intertwined

Black LGBT individuals struggled to be accepted in both social movements. Their identity as both a Black and LGBT person made them targets for criticism, abuse and discrimination.

Olivia Silvey, opinions editor

August 26, 2020

In history class, students usually learn about the civil rights movements of women, Indigenous people, the Black community and the LGBT community. However, students aren’t always taught that the histories of these social movements are not their own individual threads, but rather intertwined.  &n...


Students use #BlackAtMizzou to share their experiences of injustice, racism and prejudice at MU.

Caroline Steidley, opinions writer

August 25, 2020

If you have been active on Twitter in the past few months, you have probably seen #BlackAtMizzou on the trending page. The hashtag tells University of Missouri (MU) students’ experiences of racism on the Mizzou campus. @AllisaNova_, a Twitter user and Mizzou student, called for a “virtual demonstratio...

Using their platform

Andrew McCutchen, LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick are leading figures of the Black Lives Matter movement within their respective sports. Art by Hayden Davidson.

Hayden Davidson, design editor

August 24, 2020

*Opinion In a post directed toward fellow athletes and artists, LeBron James tweeted on June 23: “We have incredible influence in our community. We need to use this moment to demand change. I gotta be honest…I struggle with what to demand because so damn much needs to change. But I’m sta...

Leading through a lens

Art courtesy of Byron Rogers, KHS art teacher.

Amelia Hurley, editor-in-chief

August 24, 2020

“Your job as a teacher is to protect and educate these children. But when they die, you feel as if you’ve failed. In some ways, they are children of your own, but you can’t protect them from everything.”   Byron Rogers, KHS art teacher, spoke these words in memory of one of his former students fro...

Timeline of the Black Lives Matter movement this summer

Art depicts a BLM protester holding a sign, as many did when people flooded the streets calling for action this summer.

Lydia Cohen, print + web managing editor

August 24, 2020

Made with Visme Infographic Maker ...

Amplifying art

Paige Alyssa, singer-songwriter and producer, was born and raised in St. Louis.

Kate Schreiber, features + in-depth editor

August 24, 2020

“Miles Davis and Tina Turner [are from St. Louis]. Nelly is from [St. Louis]. All these people have had major moments in music in their respective genres. St. Louis really [has] so many great musicians here, and once you get into the scene you realize you’re just surrounded by giants.” It’s no coin...

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