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Tell me amour and amor about love

art by Thora Pearson

Maddie Meyers, web managing editor

February 14, 2019

The bride looks out the car window with a paper fan in her hands, preparing to drive away with her new husband. As the engine starts, she takes the fan her mother gave her and tosses it out the window. Throwing the fan symbolizes leaving old bad habits and behaviors behind to start a new life. As the...

Which teacher are you based on your fall aesthetic?

Which teacher are you based on your fall aesthetic?

Lily Bartin, features writer

October 22, 2018

Answer some questions about fall to find out which teacher you are most like. (function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if(d.getElementById(id))return;js=d.createElement(s);;js.src='';fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}(document,'script','playbuzz-sdk')); ...


Carson Anderson, Quentin Stepp, Vivian Kutheis

December 15, 2016

    “We are just getting into the empty nesting. Our Kids are just moving out. We have three kids. Two are in college. They are coming home (this week). Gracie is coming home Thursday, David is coming home next week, and Patrick lives in town. It’s a tough adjustment and I don’t thin...

Teacher celebrity look-alikes

Teacher celebrity look-alikes

Alyssa Fox, web staff

September 6, 2016

From Buzz Lightyear to Edna Mode to Dwight Eisenhower, KHS staff may be some of our favorite on-screen stars' long-lost twins.   Gina Muller, Spanish teacher- Edna Mode from "The Incredibles" While Sra. Muller may not design supersuits, she sure knows how make English a second language...

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Gina Muller