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Got Earplugs?: the trouble with modern sporting events

During the 2006 Stanley Cup finals, each crowd member experienced 8100% of their “daily allowable noise dose”.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

January 20, 2020

Thousands of fans flooded the entrances of the Enterprise Center. I, among them, wove through the congested crowds to find my seat. Inside, the lights went down and spotlights lit the arena. Music began to blare as the crowd screamed and clapped, leaving my ears ringing. The combination of the audio an...

30 winter activities to try this season

From ice skating to seeing a show at the Fox, the possibilities for how to spend winter are endless.

Catherine Butler and Olivia Silvey

January 13, 2020

Making the switch from summer to winter is difficult, especially in Missouri when the temperature can plummet 40 degrees within 48 hours. In summer, anything feels possible — days are sunny and hopeful, evenings are balmy and never seem to end. Then, after a week of exciting fall weather that brings...

Enterprise Center implements new clear bag policy

Enterprise Center implemented a new clear bag policy. Bags over a certain size must be clear, such as the fanny pack pictured above.

Ally Ortmann, associate editor

September 18, 2019

The Enterprise Center has implemented a new clear bag policy in an attempt to increase visitor safety.

What a glorious feeling

Statistics from the Blues' playoff run display the unbelievable nature of their Stanley Cup win.

Benji Wilton, print editor

August 20, 2019

Learn more about the St. Louis Blues' rise to victory in 2019, including statistics surrounding their success and stories from Blues fans around KHS.

Land of 10,000 locks

And no honor (besides winning the state title) compares to being honored in the annual All-Hockey Hair Team video.

Austin Cleveland, sports writer

March 13, 2019

  For many March the beginning of college basketball’s March Madness, but for the boys on skates in the land of 10,000 lakes, March is the Minnesota High School Hockey tournament. And no honor (besides winning the state title) compares to being honored in the annual All-Hockey Hair Team vi...

Jump on the bandwagon

Art by Tatum Shore-Fitzgerald.

Tom Mueller, features writer

December 6, 2018

Jean ‘Sister Jean’ Dolores Schmidt, the 99-year-old un-official mascot for the University of Loyola-Chicago Ramblers men’s basketball team, became the idol of every bandwagon fan in March. She is the person they strive to be; somebody who becomes relevant without actually knowing much about spo...

NHL Preview 2018-19

Illustration by Austin Cleveland. Images courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License.

Austin Cleveland, sports writer

October 9, 2018

September drifts into October, and an eerie shift begins. The weather is getting colder, the days are becoming shorter and the NHL hockey season creeps into the pandemonium of professional sports. With the NBA, NFL and NHL gearing up, (not to mention college football) and MLB playoffs also going on,...

Your athletes owe you nothing

Illustration by Austin Cleveland. Images courtesy of Wikipedia under the Creative Commons License

Austin Cleveland, sports writer

September 10, 2018

We’ve seen it in the most star-studded athletes in recent American sports history. LeBron James, Wayne Gretzky, Kevin Durant, Albert Pujols, the list goes on. Talented players bring joy to fans to the point they feel entitled to it. A player pursuing opportunities elsewhere might as well flip the bird to ...

Knights storm the castle

photos courtesy of google under the creative commons license

Austin Cleveland, sports writer

May 3, 2018

The newest addition to the league and the strip, the Vegas Golden Knights have set the media in a frenzy since the team was announced. However, it was last June when things really began to heat up. The league underwent an expansion draft, aimed at giving expansion teams a fighting chance in their ina...

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