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The Brain Issue: Seeing double

My identical twin, Grace and I, when we were 3 years old.

Meg Murphy, vok editor

November 11, 2019

“Which twin are you?” “How do I tell you apart?” “Are you going to the same college?” “Who is older?” These are questions I get asked daily. Do I get tired of it? Yes. Do I tell people that? No.  My identical twin Grace and I, are the youngest of six kids. My parents were completely ...

Where are they now: Nick Jones

Where are they now: Nick Jones

Grace Murphy, features writer

November 21, 2017

He had it easier in high school than his twin sister, Mikala Jones, who did not fit in. Being on the football team, trying out many other sports like lacrosse and rugby in the off season. He was well-liked and had a good group of friends. He appreciates KHS more now than he did while in school. Nick Jo...

Generations of twinning

Generations of twinning

Malcia Greene, features writer

August 29, 2017

Entering the halls of KHS as sophomores felt frightening for twins Melanie Tate and Melinda McCarthy at the time. Navigating their way around school without any prior knowledge or many friends created a more exclusive environment in 1973 than 2017. As for twins of today, Clare and Isabel Gippo, feel mo...

Senior Profile: James and Stephanie Strevey

Senior Profile: James and Stephanie Strevey

Allie Hickenbotham, copy editor

April 14, 2017

Adaline Bray He’s a gymnast, she’s a dancer. He wants to join the Navy, she wants to be an English professor. He’s a boy, she’s a girl. James and Stephanie Strevey are opposites, but they are twins. “When we were little, [James and I] were hard to tell apart,” Stephanie said. “We both had all the same interests because all we did with our time was gym...

Seeing Double…

TKC Staff

September 17, 2014

They  share a birthday, a house and a school. Now they share a face. We photographed eight sets of twins and, to see the differences and similarities in their appearances, we combined their faces.

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