Problem-solvers and whiners: One final after break is not devastating

The snow must have carried a sick disease or something that made high-schoolers complain about a snow day

On Monday, Dec. 16, Dr. Havener sent an email stating schools within the KSD are canceled on Dec. 17; the second hour final will take place after winter break.

Some students are upset, claiming that they 1) won’t have review time before other finals and 2) will have to study over winter break which will stress them out. 

But before we embark on finals, I’m here to give one final review: a review on basic problem-solving as young adults.

Issue #1: No time for last-minute questions before finals.

Since January 2018, all KHS students have been lucky enough to have access to our very own, MacBook Airs. And with this gift comes the gift a beautiful tool called the internet. 

Google, Khan Academy, Quizlet, you name it. If you search your question, the Internet will more likely than not give you some sort of hint. Not to mention Google Classroom and Schoology sites our teachers have set up with materials from all units. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for there? Try your phone. I’m sure one of your classmates on Snapchat or Instagram can help explain a concept or two. Better yet, FaceTime or phone a friend. They won’t bite. 

And if at that point, not a single soul on the Internet or in your friends list has the answer, I bet the person who teaches the subject might. Email your teacher with questions or schedule a time you could meet with them before or after school. 

Unless you are taking AP Physics, this stuff is not rocket science. 

Issue #2: Studying for one final over break won’t allow me to enjoy my break.

I hear you. Over winter break, the only thing I want to measure is the sugar for my cookies and the only things I want to study are the gifts under the tree. Winter break is the time to relax, which can still be done. 

KHS students have 16 days off this year for winter break, stretching from Saturday, Dec. 21 to Sunday, Jan. 5. Rest assured for the rest of 2019, my second hour materials will be nice and cozy in my backpack.

As for break, it’s time to compartmentalize. Take some time for relaxation, and then for the last few days of break, (or if we are being honest, Jan. 5 at about 5 p.m.) bring your second hour folder out of its hibernation. 

And for some of you, you won’t even have a final to review for with a second hour IP or class that doesn’t do traditional finals. Yes, it will be stressful to cram, but wouldn’t we still be cramming the night before anyway?

The rescheduling gives us more time to study for our other six finals. If anything, this added time should relieve stress, not add to it, an early holiday gift from KSD.