Letter to the editor: Green discusses teen mental health


Photo courtesy of Pioneer Yearbook.

TKC received the following letter from A’jah Green, senior, regarding teenager mental health.

TKC received the following letter from A’jah Green, senior, regarding teenager mental health.

I want to share some essential information regarding your health as an individual. The information I share could be life-changing, relatable even. I will be discussing mental health. Mental health is your psychological and emotional well-being. Maintaining positive mental health can be accomplished by following one or more of four options. 

Option one is to spend time with the people you love. Being around your loved ones comes with enjoyment and unconditional love. Knowing you are surrounded by people that love you can positively impact your mental health. 

Option two is to express and talk about your feelings regularly. Many teenagers refuse to see a counselor because they believe they are too cool to talk to someone. The fact of the matter is, every person needs a counselor or someone to speak with. Concealing feelings will only cause you to feel worse than before, maybe even cause permanent psychological consequences later. Why risk your health when the damage can be avoided? 

Option three is to exercise. Even though exercising may not be ideal for you, it can improve your mental health. No, you do not have to run a marathon — walking a couple of times a week will suffice. Exercising allows your brain to rewire as it releases endorphins, a feel-good hormone. It also allows you to clear your mind momentarily and forget about whatever negative feelings you previously had. 

Option four is to get sleep. Lacking a good night’s rest can cause your mental health to crash downhill. By not getting enough sleep at night, you are risking your mood. It causes irritability and stress on your body, which may cause you to push everyone away.

Whether you follow my advice or not, I hope you pay attention to your mental health and make sure it is healthy.


A’jah Green