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Natalie Hosto

Obnoxiously slow walker, clogging the hallways.

#2- Walking Quick

Walk quickly; anything faster than my MeeMaw. This is the easiest thing you can fix about your hallway etiquette. I understand that some people naturally walk slowly, but I also know some people are born with naturally bad teeth. Which is why they need braces. Can’t the slow walkers of KHS fix their sore spots? Do you, slow walkers, enjoy making people late, clogging the hallway and causing awkward passing situations? I mean, you can’t live like this forever. Imagine walking your way through life, never feeling the rush of adrenaline that comes alongside becoming the Usain Bolt of the hallways. Just know that if your calves aren’t burning by the time you get to class, then you’re not walking fast enough.

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