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Student carrying an unnecessary amount of items, breaking hallway etiquette rules.

Hallway etiquette 101

This just in: I hate passing periods. I have a bone to pick with a majority of the students here, specifically those who choose to be bothersome in the hallways. Through my entire high school experience, the six minutes of passing period have always been my least favorite part of the day. This is mainly because I’m forced to walk amongst some of the most entitled walkers. Just glancing at the social studies hallway, it’s pretty obvious that most students clearly don’t know the rules of the hall. Your timing is sloppy, you’re just plain slow and 90% of the time you poorly judge whether it’s okay to cross in front of someone (it rarely is).  If any of this applies to you,  here are five simple ways you can improve your hallway etiquette. 

#1- Unwanted Accessories
#2- Walking Quick
#3- Socializing with Friends
#4- Door Opening
#5- Chatting in the Hallway

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