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Elizabeth Riti

Nico holds the treasurer position for the Black Achievement and Culture Club (BACC).

Peyton Nico

Washington University in St. Louis

Psychology and Gender and Sexuality studies

Absorbing each bit of knowledge found in the poster-ridden classroom run by Gina Woodard, Peyton Nico, senior, took a particular interest in health class. Nico said they found the class much more intriguing  than other students, since health is a graduation requirement and does not tend to be a favorite class to many. Woodard said despite missing classes, Nico managed to score much higher on tests than their peers due to their interest in the subject.

When taking health class, I excelled a lot more than my peers. I found it could be a great addition to psychology.

— Peyton Nico

Gina Woodard, health teacher at KHS, teaches multiple health classes a day. Woodard said Nico’s interest in the topic of health is much needed because it is usually sparse in students.

“Interest in the health field is what’s going to help our future,” said Woodard. “I am inspired by [Nico], and their decision to make this their major.”

Nico holds the treasurer position for the Black Achievement and Culture Club (BACC). They are in charge of managing funds and upcoming events, as well as being one of the leaders for the club as a whole. This requires maturity and involvement with both fun social activities and meaningful decisions.

“I love my involvement with the BACC,” Nico said. “It’s such a unifying club, and has brought me so many opportunities for college.”

Lynn Columbus, freshman class secretary and junior class sponsor, is one of the advisors in charge of the BACC. Along with Dr. Courtney Ford, assistant principal, Columbus guides the students involved with BACC in conducting the club and is a leader for all.

“Peyton is a great person to have leading the BACC,” Columbus said. “I can count on them and know they will run with whatever ideas they may have.”

Nico said that they plan on getting involved with similar clubs in college, but will forever treasure the memories made with their involvement with the BACC. 

“I can’t wait to start at WashU in the fall,” Nico said. “But I’m even more grateful for my experiences in high school.”


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