Out of this world

Madelyn Rehkop, staff artist

Extraterrestrial beings have the possibility of roaming space and time as we know it. Advanced technology may lurk just beyond the stars. If we were to travel beyond our solar system, will we find life beyond mankind? Or will other life come and find us? Conspiracy theories and mysteries behind whether other life is out which includes capitol 51, theories that say those who walk among us are aliens themselves and even the evidence pointing towards flying saucers being recorded above earth. Much of the footage of these “sightings” has been concluded to be hoaxes, so it has been hard to tell what is real and what is fiction. Despite all this false evidence, many people still choose to believe in other life outside their reach. My piece of art shows space research facilities, aliens and planets. This piece of art tries to capture the mystery of what could be in outer space, the possibility of other life forms existing and the questions for why we haven’t found aliens yet.