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Find out what pumpkin you are with this quiz. Are you traditional and original, or are you spontaneous and adventurous?

What type of pumpkin are you?

Anna Kaiser, entertainment writer 22 hours ago

Pumpkins are an autumn staple. There are many different types of pumpkins, and each one tells a story. Originating in North America, pumpkins and squash were an important food to Native Americans. Now,...

Whats your favorite subject? Quiz

What’s your favorite subject? Quiz

Nicholas Copeland, sports writer September 23, 2022


Shirts can serve as a first impression for some. What type of shirts you wear can give a little hint as to what you are like. Take this quiz to find out what top you should wear.

What type of shirt should you wear?

Lila Shepard, news editor February 1, 2022

Everyone loves a good shirt. It is one of the most basic pieces of clothing. The shirt was invented after humans decided dress-like togas were annoying and pants were cool. Pants without a shirt are like...

We all had backpacks as kids; they helped us express ourselves. But what childhood backpack truly fits you?

Quiz: What childhood backpack best fits you?

Nathan Sweeney, features + in-depth editor January 5, 2022

Think about your childhood backpack. Did it have Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it? My Little Pony? Or was it just a plain design? If you could go back in time, what kind of backpack should your younger...

Take this quiz to find out which best suits you.

What KHS cafeteria lunch are you?

Ava Tebo, podcast staffer December 15, 2021

20.1 million free lunches are served each day in the United States according to the School Nutrition Association, and KHS is no different with meals served daily.  From chicken nuggets to a tasty cheeseburger,...

Take this quiz to find out if your style is cool and chic, or casual and comfy.

How fashionable are you?

Khadija Khan, news writer November 28, 2021

Tell me your fashion style. Are you a trendsetter? A fashionista? Or could you not care less when it comes to clothing? Whether your closet is full of bold pieces or plain sweatshirts, find out how fashionable...

Too much free time on your hands? Check out this quiz on which obscure KHS club should you try?

Which obscure KHS club should you try?

Owen Spiegel, news writer November 19, 2021

If you’ve got too much free time on your hands (which is, admittedly, unlikely) you should check out some of the various clubs KHS has to offer. And there are A LOT. TKC has picked out some of the weirdest...

Nearly everyone dreams of being TikTok famous. But which current famous Tiktok creator are you truly most similar to?

Which famous TikTok creator are you?

Nathan Sweeney, features writer February 21, 2021

By this point, nearly everyone has TikTok downloaded on their phone. Some have even developed a borderline unhealthy addiction to it. And since you’ve most likely dreamed of TikTok stardom at some point,...

Take this quiz to find out which Netflix show your truly belong in. Art by Elena Sherwood.

Quiz: Which Netflix show do you belong in?

Megan Glasgow, features writer May 6, 2020

We’ve all imagined waking up in our favorite TV show, but have you ever wondered which one you actually belong in? Whether your calling is battling a demogorgon with Eleven and Mike or cruising through...

There are plenty of other Valentines Day candies besides the classic box of chocolates; find out which one matches your personality.

Which Valentine’s Day candy are you?

Catherine Butler, copy editor February 13, 2020

Every year on Valentine’s Day, you might wonder what type of sweets you should get your S.O. Or, if you’re single, which confections you should stock up on when they go on sale Feb. 15. While you try...

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