Test: If you can get a perfect score, you’re officially a perfect Pioneer.


Annie George

A group of perfect Pioneers, who probably took this quiz.

Like most kids at KHS, you’re probably in love with Pioneer Pete, and most likely strive to become just like him, the ideal Pioneer. Take this quick quiz and find out if you have what it takes to be the perfect Pioneer!

If you can get a perfect score on this quiz, you're officially a perfect Pioneer.


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7 Total Questions


1-3 correct: 

Do you even go to Kirkwood? If you scored anywhere below three correct answers, you seriously need to educate yourself, or at least transfer to another school immediately.

4-6 correct:

Congrats, you’ve met the bare minimum requirements of being a Pioneer, but you’re not quite on the same level as Pioneer Pete yet.

7 correct:

It’s official, you’re the perfect Pioneer! With all of your Kirkwood knowledge, you’re giving Pete a run for his money.