Marilynn Steuby

KHS students have been taking over Instagram with anonymous Kirkwood accounts.

Kirkwood Instagram accounts

December 10, 2021

To see the latest drama at KHS, just go on Instagram. The abundance of anonymous Kirkwood Instagram accounts affiliated with KHS has students on edge. Whether it’s their best friend exposing their poor parking job, or “getting caught in 4k” asleep in class, each Kirkwood account has its own trending topic for KHS students to enjoy. @kirkwoodparks, @kirkwood_naps, @ilovekwood, @kirkwood__compliments and @khsaccounts are a few of the many anonymous student-run Instagram accounts. 



Marilynn Steuby

@kirkwood__compliments is known for spreading positivity to KHS students.

  • @kirkwood_compliments – 284 followers 

Trends come and go, but positivity is here to stay, and that’s just what @kirkwood__compliments offers. This account began on Nov. 26, and within two days it reached nearly 200 followers.  

 “[@kirkwood__compliments] is a positive way to make [other KHS students] feel good,” O’Leary said.

 O’Leary said it’s great that there is an account that spreads positivity, while the others  focus on humor. The owner of @kirkwood__compliments said that their goal was to separate themselves from all the negativity from other accounts.

“I got sick of the Kirkwood accounts that are [encouraging] negativity,” the owner of @kirkwood__compliments said. “I wanted to make [an account] that would make people happy.”

The @kirkwood__compliments account provides positive vibes only and creates a safe, happy community of sharing kindness with others. 



Marilynn Steuby

@kirkwood_naps is known for catching KHS students’ falling asleep at school.

  • @kirkwood_naps – 806 followers 

@kirkwood_naps was created in September and started catching KHS students asleep in class. As suggested in the @kirkwood_naps Instagram bio, content is continuously being sent to the account via direct messages. The main objective is to catch KHS students asleep in odd positions during the school day.

“[@kirkwood_naps] makes me feel like I can’t fall asleep in school,” Tyler Reynolds, sophomore, said. “I’ve been on [@kirkwood_naps] twice [and] now I don’t sleep at school anymore.”



Marilynn Steuby

@khsaccounts is known for ranking all anonymous Kirkwood Instagram accounts.

  • @khsaccounts – 119 followers 

While the Kirkwood accounts battle to be the best, @khsaccounts was created to rate which accounts are valid and which are not. @khsaccounts has given ratings to the top three accounts, @kirkwoodparks, @kirkwood_naps and @ilovekwood, along with others that have appeared within the past few weeks. The @khsaccounts owner said they rank each account from odd to unusual to absolutely hilarious. 

“I constantly have content to be rating,” the owner of @khsaccounts said. “[@khsaccounts is an] outlet where people can decipher accounts and see what is worth their time and what isn’t.”

@khsaccounts owner said they enjoy seeing all of the Kirkwood accounts created because of how funny they all are.   




Marilynn Steuby

@ilovekwood is known for posting memes surrounding KHS.

  • @ilovekwood – 413 followers 

KHS now has its own meme page, @ilovekwood. The account is based on the latest drama at KHS. When new Kirkwood related Instagram accounts are created, @ilovekwood is the first to know about it.

“We just started posting memes,” the owner of @ilovekwood said. “Our most popular post is one about Webster. [People seem to like posts that are about Kirkwood] events like pep rallies or Turkey Day.”

According to @ilovekwood, the best way to keep their account trending is by interacting with KHS students and posting memes about them. @ilovekwood owner said all of their posts are meant to be harmless and make others laugh. 



Marilynn Steuby

@kirkwoodparks is known for exposing KHS students’ poor park jobs.

  • @kirkwoodparks – 793 followers 

The Instagram account that started it all was @kirkwoodparks. KHS students are now aware that if they park poorly, someone is bound to send in a picture and get your car posted on @kirkwoodparks.

 “I first saw [an Instagram parks account] on TikTok, and then I saw Webster started [an] account, [@websterparks], and I thought it was funny,” the owner of @kirkwoodparks said. “The [idea] was that a lot of [KHS] students [would get involved]. I do it [for] humor.” 

Many KHS students, including Danny O’Leary, sophomore, said they believe @kirkwoodparks is a great account that creates entertainment from parking mishaps at KHS. Based on the amount of content posted each day, @kirkwoodparks is here to stay.

“My favorite [account] is [@kirkwoodparks] because it is funny,” O’Leary said. “The bad parking jobs need to be exposed, and it [is entertaining].”

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