VoKs: Dress like a dad day

November 22, 2021

As the anticipation for “Turkey Day” builds up, KHS students can participate in spirit week consisting of five differently themed days. On Thursday, Nov. 18, the theme was “dress like a dad.” Polo shirts, khakis and ball caps filled the halls as students arrived dressed like their dads.

Joe Ross, sophomore


Josie Baker

Joe Ross, sophomore, dresses in khakis and a blue polo for “dress like a day day.”


TKC: What piece of clothing first comes to mind when you think of a dad?

JR: “A nice ironed collared shirt [with] visors and sunglasses on top. It’s like the classic golf outfit [and] can be worn anywhere from golfing to [going to] QuikTrip [or] Lowe’s. [The outfit] radiates such dad energy.”


TKC: How would you describe your dad outfit?

JR: “Cool [and] classy. It gives off, waking up at 7 a.m. on a Sunday morning, going golfing, then making a trip to Home Depot to get lumber or something like that. That’s the vibe I’m trying to get off.”

Jane Jensen, junior


Josie Baker

Jane Jensen, junior, poses in a Mizzou outfit for “dress like a dad day.”


TKC: Describe your Dad outfit.

JJ: “[I’m wearing] my dad’s tennis shoes, khaki pants, Mizzou polo and Mizzou hat that matches the polo and my brother’s belt. This is the classic game day outfit.”


TKC: What’s a core memory you have with your dad that describes him?

JJ: “[One memory is] driving to Columbia, MO on Mizzou football game days with my dad. We start off the day tailgating with friends. We throw footballs, eat lots of food and just hang out until game time. [He is a] still-hanging-out-with-college-buddies-on-game days type of dad.” 


Laila Person, sophomore


Josie Baker

Laila Person, sophomore, dresses in a button down, tie and ball cap for “dress like a dad day.”


TKC: Did you dress up like your dad?

LP: “Yes, [all of these clothes are] my dad’s. I got the oversized Nautica button down with the matching Nautica ball cap. This is what he wears to work most days, besides the hat because he works in labs.”


TKC: How would you describe a dad?

LP: “My dad is pretty chill, so I would say [dads are] pretty cool. They are usually the chill parent and don’t get mad as easily [as moms]. It really depends on the dad but that’s how I would describe my dad and a lot of dads.” 

Leo Marino, sophomore


Josie Baker

Leo Marino, sophomore, is going for a “golf dad” outfit for “dress like a dad day.”


TKC: What kind of dad are you going for with your outfit?

LM: “I’m going for a golf dad, like I’m looking for my tee time. [I’m wearing] a visor, baseball glasses, a quarter zip and khaki shorts. I would do a lot of golfing in this outfit as a dad like waking up early, going golfing, coming home and going to bed. [Then the] same thing the next day.”


TKC: Does this outfit describe your own dad?

LM: “Yeah, he does a lot of golfing, but he also really likes to mountain bike. One of my favorite memories with my dad is going up to Wyoming to mountain bike. The scenery was nice and [we had an] overall great time.”

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