Jeremy Maclin Football Camp takes over turf

Jeremy Maclin Football Camp takes over turf

One hundred and forty kids began to trample the turf July 18, eager to throw the football with NFL players, Mizzou athletes and former KHS football stars. This rare opportunity to interact with nationally recognized football icons was merely a part of the Jeremy Maclin Football Camp.

“Our mission isn’t only to have fun,” Isaiah Mares, camp director, said. “We want the kids to walk away with life lessons, too.”

Kids, athletes and football fanatics flooded the field until July 20, from 10 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. All boys ages 6-16 were encouraged to participate.

Young men who took part in the camp also had the chance to toss the football around with Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver and camp founder, Jeremy Maclin.

“This is all about Jeremy giving back to the community,” Mares said. “Working with kids is Jeremy’s passion.”

Showered with support from local businesses, the Jeremy Maclin Football Camp was introduced to the community in 2011. Because of the staggering turnout, Mares is confident the camp will continue to teach kids lessons they can use on and off the field.

“The camp teaches kids about life and overcoming adversity,” Mares said. “It’s not just about football.”