BOE approves new security cameras, liaisions and new health curriculum


Ella Sottile

Parents at the Aug. 22 board meeting discussed changing the grass fields to turf

KSD’s board meeting on August 22 approved new security cameras for KSD and three security liaisons for KHS to improve security in schools. While also approving the new health curriculum, the 2022-2023 strategic plan and postponed the vote on hiring a new school resource officer. The board heard public comments from the community on issues from moving to turf fields, the closing of North Glendale’s playground and more.

Joe Rice, member of CBIZ, an accounting, tax and advisory services company, presented to the board on his consultation for compensation of district support staff members.  He showed graphs based off of a survey staff members took. 50 employees were below the salary minimum decided by the school board, while 27 employees were above the maximum.  Rice suggested increasing the pay for the 50 employees that seem underpaid. CBIZ will do annual updates to KSD for up to five years and annual payment goals will change when needed. 

After the presentation, the board moved to the July financial report where the second payment of three for $543,000 was made to Apple. They approved it along with the hiring of three security liaisons who will monitor the three entrances at KHS. They also approved adding and upgrading security cameras across the district with a $859,959 bid from S & S Systems of America. The new health curriculum was approved which adds lessons on gender identity, expression and sexual orentation, and approved the 2022-2023 strategic plan which outlines the strategies and goals of KSD for this school year. The board also postponed a vote on the hiring of a new school resource officer until feedback was gathered from the community on this subject by a 5-2 vote. 

In public comments some North Glendale parents were worried about the closing of the schools playground during Adventure Club. They said it could affect kids who socialize with others at the playground and want a compromise to be found on this issue.

Other parents wanted the district to improve their athletic facilities. They suggested that turf should replace the grass fields for sports such as field hockey, softball and baseball. Chris Roseman, president of Kirkwood United Soccer Club and Kirkwood parent, says that using turf will save money and it is easier to tend to. Other topics in public comments were KSD test scores, SSD meetings, and KHS library book content. 

The next board meeting is on September 12.