BOE discusses inclusivity, awards, budget deadlines and new curriculums


Bryan Freeman being congratulated by the BOE during the March 27th meeting.

The KSD Board of Education meeting on March 27 included speakers from the Robinson Elementary Equity Group who brought up concerns about Kirkwood’s treatment of the LGBTQ+ community. They expressed fear their events might make Robinson a target for hate crimes, and wished these events included a school resource officer to protect the safety of students. The BOE also recognized Mr. Bryan Freeman, a janitor at Robinson Elementary, for his quick thinking and performance of the heimlich maneuver on a student.

Freeman was brought up to the stage and awarded for helping a choking student by using the heimlich maneuver. He was met with a poster saying “Hats off to Mr. Bryan, Robinson is grateful and proud! Way to go!” and a massive congratulations and thanks from the BOE.

The BOE also heard parent and teacher concerns regarding equity and LGBTQ+ representation in the community. Further concerns about hiring diverse staff and implementing more in-depth teacher education were also brought to light. The plan of moving the budget approval deadline to before spring break was also discussed. 

The arts and choir curriculum was also reviewed by the BOE. The topic of child abuse and neglect was brought up as well, shining light on the process of reporting child abuse and the concerns of reporting abuse of students who are no longer minors. 

Salaries and budget package increases were debated along with retention payments for child care survivors, determined by length of employment.