As your hallway crushes you can only try to hide and avoid eye contact (Bo Maney)
As your hallway crushes you can only try to hide and avoid eye contact

Bo Maney

Hallway crushes

April 19, 2023

Hallway crushes are gross

Listen, hallway crushes are so middle school. You’re at school and following some poor stranger who is just trying to go about their day. We are in high school now, hallway crushes are a thing of the past and like many other things should stay in middle school. If you think they don’t notice you staring at them, you’re lying to yourself. They definitely see you everytime you walk by them in the hall. Looking up and down from your phone is only making you stand out more, plain and simple. In the unlikely case that you’re also their hallway crush, you’re both still strangers at the end of the day. 

There is so much you don’t know about them. They could have really bad music taste, the worst personality imaginable or any other deal breakers you may consider. You’re at school to get an education, not to pursue someone you only  see once a day. Let’s be real, do you really want to try to date people within the walls of KHS? I didn’t think so. Hallway crushes are mainly one-sided and the person you like probably thinks you’re some weirdo staring at them when they’re just trying to get to their next class. There’s no spark, no chemistry, you’re just desperate to make someone fall for you from across the hall. Will you ever go up to them?  Realistically speaking? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Hallway crushes are fantasies that aren’t always meant to be lived out- some of them are meant to live and die in the hallway between passing periods.

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Hallway crushes are cute

We all have that one person we see in the hallway at the same time each day.  If you muster up the courage you might even steal a glance or two.  However, if you get caught in  traffic (especially in the social studies hallway), you’re bound to miss them. 

You do everything to be inconspicuous so this person doesn’t think you’re stalking them. Hallway crushes are the closest we can get to the old-fashioned love stories our parents and grandparents talk about. Sometimes you have to have your Disney Channel moment, or at least just something to overanalyze at lunch. Hallway crushes can be cute and waiting for the moment you “accidentally” lock eyes can be exhilarating.

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