Little League Baseball? Please, no.

In 2006, I was flipping through the channels at home trying to watch some quality television. So far, just Martha Stewart’s food show, another show with Drew Carey and annoying soap opera shows.  Seriously, Spongebob was not even on. That shows how sad day time programs were that day. Well, until I turned to the sport channels and ESPN’s Top Ten plays of the week came on. I kid not, the number one play was one of my best friends, Ford, from Columbia, Missouri, making a miraculous, Ozzie Smith-like, diving catch at shortshop to help Columbia win the Little League World Series. It was rad!

But, no. That is probably the only thing about Little League baseball I enjoyed. Other than that, it is just an event where the parents are more competitive with each other than their kids are. It really drives me nuts with the camera puts a parent on the spotlight.

“Run, Cody! Go, go, go, go, go! YES, YES!”

Actually, I made the ‘yes’ part up because I changed the channel after the third screeching ‘go.’ It made it sound more annoying and irritating, which it already was.

Even if there were fights in Little League kind of like hockey, it still would not be my idea of real baseball. And fights in sports are the best, too. Shoo, Little League baseball.