The NHL All Star Game comes to the Lou


Katherine Stobbe

The NHL is bringing their All-Star game to the Enterprise Center in St. Louis

The NHL is bringing their All-Star game to the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, showcasing all of the players voted by the large mass of hockey fans across the league. The first two games of the event start on Friday and the finals start on Saturday, Jan. 26. It will involve the league’s four divisions (Central, Metropolitan, Atlantic and Pacific) with a single-elimination tournament that involves each of these divisions being a team.

Even if fans aren’t able to make it to those games, there are other All-Star game festivities in downtown St. Louis taking place, such as a fan fest in Union Station, a free concert where the popular band Green Day is performing and a 5k run that will go through the streets of St. Louis which will all happen on Jan. 25. 

Street closures for the All-Star game will begin at midnight on January 23, and end January 26 at two p.m. as well as limited parking downtown because of the NHL All-Star event.  If there are any issues on where to park, the NHL and the city of St Louis teamed up to make a parking guide that offers all fans options regarding the best places to park in the city.  If you are a couch cozy person and don’t feel like leaving to go to any of these events, NBC will be showing the All-Star game both live on TV and on

Missy Kelley, CEO of Downtown St. Louis, talked to Fox 2 News, who says they are making sure to make this event an amazing experience for all the fans who attend, whether they are visiting or already living in the Lou and gives advice on how to enjoy the events of this weekend.

“We are thrilled to welcome all these people to downtown St. Louis,”  Kelley said. “Make sure the experience is as good as possible by preparing and arriving early to the event.”