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Scripting to success

Darrin Dortch graduated from KHS in 2002 and now works as a screenwriter in Los Angeles.

Maddie Meyers, editor in chief

January 30, 2020

While the rest of his family played outside, 6-year-old Darrin Dortch watched “Halloween” with wide eyes in the basement with his grandfather. But he was not hiding under a blanket from the jump scares. Instead, he was focusing on each camera shot, the different lighting and the acting used to te...

Sci-ched For the Future

Daniel David intends to enroll in a pre-med program in India.

Tom Mueller, features writer

May 21, 2018

The bell rang, signaling the beginning of the ‘15-16 KHS school year. Students throughout the campus sat down and prepared to begin classwork. Among them was Daniel David, then sophomore, who just moved to Kirkwood from Nashville, TN. According to David, his became less anxious as he stepped into his ...

Which KHS teacher are you?

Which KHS teacher are you?

Thomas Birmingham and Logan Crews

May 1, 2018

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What’s the buzz with the new bells?

What's the buzz with the new bells?

Maddie Hawes and Jack Rintoul

November 22, 2017

Is it a bird? Is it the French police? Is it an airplane attendant’s announcement? No, it is the new KHS bell system. At the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, students around KHS were buzzing with comments about the new bells. Some were confused about why the bells changed in the first pla...

Senior Profile: Sabrina Talir

Senior Profile: Sabrina Talir

Annie O'Brien, features writer

May 4, 2017

With a woven mandala tapestry covering one wall, a yoga mat and exercise ball in the corner and a dreamcatcher hanging from the ceiling, you would think you had just walked into a yoga studio. But, you are actually in the bedroom of Sabrina Talir. “I was trying to find an easy way to exercise that wasn’t re...

Classroom Finds: Eccentric Items in KHS Classrooms

Classroom Finds: Eccentric Items in KHS Classrooms

Mary Kate Brennan, features writer

March 10, 2017

TKC interviewed teachers with eccentric items in their classroom to find out how the objects found their place.      ...

iPad Distribution Incomplete

iPad Distribution Incomplete

Ben Cohen, web staff

August 22, 2014

Students were issued iPad minis Wednesday, Aug 21, during homeroom. All grade levels were issued iPads, with the exception of about  4 percent of students. Over the summer, KHS’s technology staff worked to resettle and install new security systems on the iPads, Mike Gavin, assistant principal,...

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