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Drugs, child labor and soap

Drugs, child labor and soap

Will Drury, Parsnip editor

May 8, 2018

*This story is entirely satirical. I decided to take random words from a generator and turn them into a story. These were the words and this is their story: Premise: soap scene Identity: marriage beard How: belt express Conflict: snake acid Resolution: child training **This story is b...

Preview of BATMANIA!

Preview of BATMANIA!

Maddie Hawes, features writer

November 16, 2016

Holy show week Batman! BATMANIA! is an on stage spin-off of the original 1966 Batman movie. The show will debut on the KHS black box stage as the Freshman and Sophomore Play on Nov. 17-20. Kristi Gunther, director, compiled and staged the show specifically for the black box stage because the show has neve...

TKC Podcast: “Age of Ultron” and the future

TKC Podcast:

Trevor Cleveland, Mikki Philippe, and Kaitlin Kilby

November 13, 2014

          Kaitlin Kilby, Trevor Cleveland, and Mikki Philippe discuss the new Avengers movie, gender roles on robots and why Batman is so cool. Trevor Cleveland recognizes that not everything he said was correct. For instance, Tony Stark was not hit with an I...

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