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Top five art pieces of 2018

Student journalist opinions on the New York Times anonymous op-ed

TKC Staff

January 2, 2019

Issues: Stereotypes of a black woman - art by Bismah Syed Policing the minority with the majority - art by Catherine McCandless The 'N' Word - art by Thora Pearson Student journalist opinions on The New York Times op-ed - art by Maggie Burton Comments: heartfelt or #fakelove? - art by Grace Ferguson...

Teachers make TikToks

Teachers make TikToks

Emma Lingo, Catherine McCandless, Grace Klebe, and Amelia Hurley

December 14, 2018

The newest social media trend is here: TikTok. A TikTok is a short video set to music where you can dance, sing and apply crazy filters to your face. TKC asked members of the KHS staff to make TikToks to some of their favorite songs, these were the results.

6 ways to cope with your post-Halloween blues

Maggie Burton, Grace Mennerick, and Catherine McCandless

November 16, 2018

In this art spread, TKC art staffers list ways in which one can cope with the post-Halloween blues when November rolls around. From buying discounted candy to having a horror movie marathon, look to this list of activities for guidance when fall comes to a close. ...

Secrets for Schooling Exams

Secrets for Schooling Exams

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

May 15, 2018

As the sun lingers in the sky for a few minutes longer each day, our daydreams of summer no longer seem unrealistic. Ignoring the nag of our alarms and turning our history notes into doodles would be too easy. It’s almost as if our math problems are asking to be neglected. Yet as our focus diminishes, the looming fa...

Amending attendance

Amending attendance

Quentin Stepp, copy editor

September 6, 2017

Last year, had a student missed school for a few days or even a few weeks due to illness, some out of town sports tournament or just about any other excused reason, there might not have been any consequences. Work could be made up, content could be re-taught and tests could be retaken. Well, that’...

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