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6 ways to cope with your post-Halloween blues

Maggie Burton, Grace Mennerick, and Catherine McCandless

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In this art spread, TKC art staffers list ways in which one can cope with the post-Halloween blues when November rolls around. From buying discounted candy to having a horror movie marathon, look to this list of activities for guidance when fall comes to a close.

About the Writers
Maggie Burton, artist

Interests: Drawing, playing alto saxophone, sleeping, listening to music, contemplating my purpose in this universe, eating

Favorite quote: “Can...

Grace Mennerick, artist

Interests: Art, trumpet, horses
Favorite food: Fried rice and cheesecake
Favorite quote: “I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden...

Catherine McCandless, artist

Interests: drawing, reading, singing, piano

Favorite quote: “would you stop interrupting me while i’m interrupting you?“

Favorite food:...

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6 ways to cope with your post-Halloween blues