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Call Ed: Coded

Call Ed: Coded

TKC Staff

February 28, 2017

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In the state of Missouri, citizens are allowed to open Italian restaurants. Not shocking. In the city of Kirkwood, Kirkwood residents are allowed to build treehouses in their backyards. No surprise there, either. At KHS, students are allowed to wear tank tops of any strap width and shorts shorter than f...

Trends that heat the melting pot

Trends that heat the melting pot

Logan Crews, opinions writer

October 14, 2016

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Since the beginning of this country, there has been a mantra of acceptance and inclusion; anyone is welcome to live under one roof. Though behind the scenes that hasn’t been the case. In the 1830s the United States relocated roughly 16,000 Cherokee people. Before that, Europeans wiped out 90 percent of the Native American population. Fr...

Senior profile: Emma Huber

Senior profile: Emma Huber

Olivia Rekittke, features writer

April 25, 2015

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Emma Huber found out that she had been named a National Merit Finalist in February. She scored in the top percentile of the country on the PSAT she took her junior year leading her to becoming a semi-finalist. She then took the SAT and submitted an essay which asked her "What is central to who you are?",...

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Clare Huber