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Speech Talks: Diversity

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Anthony Speech, assistant public relations editor

January 28, 2019

*Disclaimer: TKC understands the potentially offensive nature of the word choice in this article. After staff discussions and legal advice from the Student Press Law Center (SPLC), we decided to support the writer’s decision. Please email us at [email protected] with any que...

Top five in-depth stories of 2018

art by Maggie Burton

TKC Staff

December 26, 2018

TKC in-depth team took 2018 to cover new changes and old patterns. We featured everything from staff diversity and STL's opioid epidemic to new programs like No Homework weekends and LAUNCH. Below are in-depth's best pieces that embody 2018. Diversity -Thomas Birmingham, Logan Crews, and Jack Rint...

The one percent

The one percent

Bridget Snider, print managing editor

May 1, 2018

Of over 150 KHS teachers, administrators and staff, only two are African-Americans who teach full-time. And although more part-time teachers, administrators and support staff add to the small percentage of African-American faculty at KHS, Santee Nixon, business teacher, remains part of the 1 percent. ...

Branding racism

Branding racism

Logan Crews, opinions editor

April 9, 2018

Welcome to America. The land of a patchwork population made up of a diverse, unique people. But in case you didn’t know, the United States hasn’t had the best track record with being culturally sensitive. We call ourselves the “great melting pot,” yet time and time again, minorities are marg...

White privilege: realizing the world is light

In a world of color, white meets black.

Khalea Edwards, features writer

December 9, 2016

It wasn't until second grade that I realized the challenges of being black. As I stood in line waiting for lunch, a classmate looked at me with worry in her eyes and said,  "Khalea, [my friend] doesn't like your skin color." At just 7 years old, I was confused. I remember asking myself how and why someone...

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