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Heroes of the hurricanes

Heroes of the hurricanes

Emma Lingo, news-features writer

November 1, 2017

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On an average day, nurse Mark Cerroni sees about 40 patients filter through Florida’s Sarasota Memorial Hospital. After Hurricane Irma ravaged his state, that number shot up to 50 per day, and his normally half-full hospital met its capacity with 600 people crowded inside the medical center. Irma, a...

One man’s can is another man’s treasure

One man’s can is another man’s treasure

Holden Foreman, sports writer

December 8, 2014

Filed under Features

When most Americans look into their pantry they have options. Some base their decisions on taste while others base them on nutrition. According to Feeding America, however, 49.1 million Americans have uncertainty in whether there will be food in the pantry at all. KHS’s canned food drive, led by the Ki...

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