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TKC hot sauce challenge

TKC hot sauce challenge

Annie O'Brien, Justin Sweeney, and Michael Teasdale

March 10, 2017

TKC competed to see who could drink the most “Dave’s Insanity Sauce,” the original hottest sauce in the universe, in the Hot Sauce Challenge. Watch their hilarious suffering and deeply pained reactions in the videos below.   Here are the scores: Adele Baughm...


Erica Miget, art editor

March 9, 2017

Every year, students are assigned a locker to use as they wish, whether it be to store their books, lunch or athletic bag. As most students understand, their locker is always too far from their classes to even consider using. For some, it’s a godsend. The haven that is my locker has blessed me wit...

To pee or not to pee?

To pee or not to pee?

Claire Boysen, opinions writer

October 7, 2016

You raise your hand and ask if you may use the restroom. The teacher says “sure”, so you get up and walk to the hallway. And that’s when you realize, you must make a choice: women’s or men’s. Which will you choose? Or, like some students at KHS, is it neither? With people identifying as a gender besides...

VOK: 2.5

VOK: 2.5

Jake Siegel, Chloe King, Camille Baker, and Erica Miget

February 5, 2016

Ellie Cassidy "I don't know that I've ever really had a time where I thought (life) was especially hard. I've had a couple calls where you're going into an abandoned building and you're like 'I have no idea what I'm walking into here." -Jeff Lofquist, left "The hardest time in my life? Probably moving...

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