Every year, students are assigned a locker to use as they wish, whether it be to store their books, lunch or athletic bag. As most students understand, their locker is always too far from their classes to even consider using. For some, it’s a godsend. The haven that is my locker has blessed me with easy access to things I refuse to carry. People assume it is what is on the inside that matters. But I contend that it’s how you use what is on the inside which shows the type of person you are, locker-person or anti-locker-person.

As a freshman, my locker was in the world language building right by the French classrooms, extremely far from any of my classes. There was no reason to be late to class just to put my lunch in my locker, and considering I couldn’t be on time even if I had to be, I didn’t want to push the bar. Sophomore year, not much changed. I didn’t take any effort to find out where it even was. I simply had no need to.

It wasn’t until my junior year at KHS that I began to use my locker. It was in the social studies hallway, and I passed it four times a day. It was perfect. That poor locker endured the brunt of my morning breakfasts and dirty socks. It became a toasty refrigerator for leftover smoothie cups and emergency sweatshirts. On my way to math class in the morning I was able to put whatever I didn’t want to carry in it and return to my things before my last hour of the day. Locker E133 became a reliable companion.

As an upperclassman at KHS, you’re assigned lockers in more convenient locations. Rising seniors can sign up for lockers in the senior hallway which is a prime spot for personal storage. The fatal flaw of senior lockers, though, is that you have to share them. Two people are assigned to each locker which is a turnoff to some. If you’re more of the selfish type, I would avoid sharing at all costs, but before you pass up on such an opportunity you should consider the advantages. You have access to a personalized pantry in between classes you can fill with whatever food you fancy. You get to claim your territory on the hierarchy of locker views and last but not least, you can actually use your locker.

As a senior, I have taken full advantage of my locker by filling it with Ring Pops and overdue class projects. Currently, my locker is empty. Mostly because my locker-buddy refuses to refill the candy supply, but in all honesty it’s because I’m such an outstanding student that I don’t have any overdue projects. Well, at least at the moment.

I understand why so many students don’t find any use in their lockers, but as an upperclassman I can say I have relied on my assigned cubby with a door for the last two years. I am thankful for the snacks it has allowed me to store and for the jackets it has kept me from carrying. Every student will have their own opinion on having a locker, but those who don’t neglect the extra space greatly appreciate them.