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All means all: United Methodist Church split

According to the Pew Research center, the percentage of Methodists who said homosexuality should be accepted increased from 51% to 60% between 2007 and 2014.

Kate Schreiber, features writer

February 20, 2020

An “I heart Jesus” lanyard with a rainbow ribbon and Black Lives Matter pin hangs around his neck and tattoos cover his arms. Recently, a man at the post office asked him what kind of motorcycle he drives. He doesn’t own one, he responds. He drives a green Dodge Caravan with two kids under 10 y...

Sisters by chance, teammates by choice

Isabella Knopfel, sophomore, and Olivia Knopfel, senior, pose after the Turkey Day game.

Ava Duggin, features writer

December 21, 2019

6:30 a.m.: Isabella Knopfel’s, sophomore, alarm goes off. 7 a.m.: Olivia Knopfel’s, senior, alarm goes off. 7:20 a.m.: Isabella eats oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, and goes to school. 7:20 a.m.: Olivia eats cereal (or a protein bar depending on time) for breakfast, and goes to school ...

The Jack Fearn Memorial Scholarship for Technical Theater

Jack’s family hopes to have the scholarship fully funded by this spring.

Lilly Anderson, features writer

December 8, 2019

Jack Fearn could usually be found in Keating Theater greeting every audience member and making every performance possible with his nose in the soundboard. This was his passion: technical theater. No show would go on without Jack’s leadership as he ensured the sound, lighting and scenery were the best...

Where are theyyy now: Slayyyter

Slayyyter has emerged as a new pop princess, influenced by 2000’s pop culture.

Liam Jackson, associate editor

September 24, 2019

Slayyyter may be influenced by 2000’s pop, but the KHS alum has asserted herself as the future of pop music.

Dancing through life

“I’m very creative,” Clare said. “I’m very clever with things, [and] very unique. There’s no other kid like me.”

Liam Jackson, copy editor

October 18, 2018

She goes outside, puts on her rose gold headphones and starts to dance like nobody’s watching. Clare Sullivan, sophomore, loves to express herself through dance. “I’m very creative,” Clare said. “I’m very clever with things, [and] very unique. There’s no other kid like me.” Clare...

Finals, Finals and More Finals

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons license

Keegan Pfeifer, Writer

May 21, 2018

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer in Missouri, that can only mean one thing; Summer break. As the last day of school draws nearer, this means that finals are coming up. Stress heightens as scholars and teachers both have to prepare for these finals. “Finals are like a hurricane coming and yo...

Significance of our secretaries

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signed a bill stating that Missouri public schools’ start date will not be earlier than 14 calendar days prior to the first Monday in September (Labor Day) in order to increase tourism.

Lydia Cohen, Writer

May 21, 2018

During the school week, the bell rings at 7:50 a.m., and for most people at KHS, this means a day of teaching or learning starts. But, in the main office, three women work with different tasks. Receptionist secretaries Lorie Nieman and Mary Dahlem manage student attendance along with greeting and guiding...

All cards on the table

All cards on the table

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer

February 2, 2018

Skip, reverse, shuffle, draw and explode. This is common lingo for freshman Nicholas, Sean, Phillip, Hugh and Oleg, the self-proclaimed pack of “Geeky Nerds.” Every lunch period, the five boys haphazardly toss their lunches on the table, so they can get to the more important matter of playing the...

Top five features stories of 2017

Top five features stories of 2017

TKC Staff

January 4, 2018

Our goal in features is not only to write stories about people who have done interesting things but also to give a voice to those who might otherwise go unnoticed. TKC believes that everyone has a story, and through feature stories, we strive to prove that. This year we had a variety of pieces, rangin...

Top five news stories from 2017

Top five news stories from 2017

TKC Staff

January 4, 2018

News is at the core of all journalism. While it can be more factual and formulaic than other types of journalism, it takes skilled writers to report on world, national and local news. From the Aug. 21 solar eclipse to Russia’s ban from the 2018 Olympic games, these stories are great examples of timely ...

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