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The World Cup (without the United States)

The World Cup (without the United States)

Brendan Davidson, parsnip editor

August 22, 2018

Americans do not care about soccer. The United States not being one of 32 teams to make the World Cup is not a valid excuse for ignorance, as the entire rest of the world still watched from the first whistle on June 14 to the last on July 15. Missing the tournament just means our team sucks....

Where are they now: Maggie Berardino

art by Catherine McCandless

Emma Lingo, news-features writer

November 14, 2017

Volunteering in a third world country and being a teacher in Japan do not require the same skill set that learning about statistics does. After studying statistics at the University of Missouri, Maggie Berardino, ’97 KHS graduate, decided earning her degree in the United States was not something she need...

Education Around the World

Education Around the World

Claire Boysen, features writer

October 21, 2016

TKC interviewed students who have experienced different education systems from around the world to compare them to the American school system. Pierre Der-Gazerian & Gaspard Cambon, juniors. Marseille & Gannat, France - In France, school starts at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. - Morning b...

Responding to the Charlie Hebdo attack

Responding to the Charlie Hebdo attack

Katie Puryear, web managing editor

January 9, 2015

The nausea hit my stomach and my heart dropped as I looked at the blood-stained hallway on the TV screen. My mom had the news on, and they were reporting on the terrorist attack on the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo. The attack killed 12 people. Twelve. Twelve innocent people, most of th...

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