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Back at the Shack

Back at the Shack

Benji Wilton, features writer

April 26, 2018


I can’t believe my eyes… so many fries

Price: $4.95 (regular size)
Type: Shoestring (skinny)
Thickness: Thin, 9/10
Amount of Salt: 9/10
Crispness: 9/10
Sauce: 5/10
Overall: 9/10

I’d for sure visit Nordstrom Cafe Bistro just to taste their fries. Even though they’re expensive, they’re worth it because you get a lot of fries. They’re always perfectly crispy and salted. With the bit of parsley added to the fries they taste different and better than other fries. I don’t really like the Kalamata Olive Aioli dip they serve with the fries, but anyone who likes black olives will love it.

Allie Hickenbotham, copy editor

April 8, 2017

TKC taste tested French fries from six different restaurants around the Kirkwood and Des Peres area. The fries were judged based on their price, thickness, amount of salt, crispness, sauce and overall taste. The sauce was only rated if the restaurant offered a signature sauce. TKC ranked them one to si...

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