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The 6 steps of approaching your crush

The 6 steps of approaching your crush

Maggie Burton, Grace Carroll, and Grace Ferguson

March 14, 2019

*This piece is entirely satirical In this art spread, artists illustrate the progression of meeting your crush from the moment you spot them. This spread hits all the points, from stalking their instagram to finally initiating first contact by giving them a tap on the shoulder. ...

Top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts

art by Grace Carroll

Claire Boysen, print managing editor

February 14, 2019

*This piece is entirely satirical How special can giving your significant other chocolates and roses be if everyone is doing it? Don’t you want to show your love in a meaningful way this Valentine’s Day? This commercial holiday is glorified as being the most romantic day of the year, which entails an over-...

How the Other Half Lives: Teachers Dealing With Stress

photo courtesy of Google under the Creative Commons license

Sophie Chappell, Writer

May 21, 2018

Once all the students are gone, silence envelops KHS. Students will head home and begin their mountain of homework, while teachers stay behind creating lesson plans and grading papers. Like their students, teachers go home to find more work awaiting them. “On a normal weeknight, I easily work an h...

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Grace Carroll