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2015 festivals

Dancer from Festival of Nations in Forest Park, Aug. 29-30.

Adele Baughman and Emma McNail

September 27, 2015

LouFest Crowds filled Forest Park with their children, blankets and LouFest 2015 tickets Sept. 12-13. Whether it be waiting for Ludacris or for Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream, with over 30 different bands and 19 different food vendors, LouFest brought St. Louis together. Headliners this year included H...

Cool summer jobs: Tropical Moose

Cool summer jobs: Tropical Moose

Anna Mullendore, health and wellness writer

August 29, 2015

The mid-July sun fails to make blue-stained smiles fade as sticky-fingered kids run about the Farmer’s Market on a sugar high. High school students exchange ice chips drenched with iridescent dye in styrofoam cups for sweaty dollars. Grant Trokey, Emily Rankin and Jack Wever have found the sweetness ...

Kirkwood High School student newspaper
Grant Trokey