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Senior Profiles: Mat Coble

photo courtesy of Mat Coble

Adler Bowman, features editor

April 30, 2018

The hands that grasp a pencil while solving a Calculus problem are the same hands that dance across the surface of guitar strings, crafting both an impeccable equation and a musical masterpiece. Mat Coble, senior, skipped from second to fourth grade math in elementary school, allowing him to take AP...

The fight for more time

Celia Bergman

Wolfgang Frick, web staffer

January 25, 2018

Every morning, Connor Fiehler, sophomore, rolls out of bed and pedals the half-mile trek to KHS on his bike. He sits through English, French, chemistry, precalculus—all honors—and AP US History. When the school day is over, he hops back on his bike, goes home and does his homework. He answers the ma...

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