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Students’ opinions on changes at KHS

Students' opinions on changes at KHS

Jack Anderson and Megan Cleveland

May 7, 2019

In this video, TKC asked for students’ opinions on current school policies and changes coming to KHS next year.

Photo gallery: SAAW speaker

Bob Becker, chemistry teacher, listens to Dana Veasman talk about sexual assault.

Kara Rieger, photographer

February 28, 2018

The Coalition Club hosted guest speaker Dana Veasman and Carolyn Compton for Sexual Assault Awareness Week Friday, Feb. 23. Veasman works as a crisis intervention specialist for Alternatives to Living in Violent Environments (ALIVE). When victims call in, Veasman tries to get them into a safe place throu...

LGBT+ Podcast: Being transgender in high school

LGBT+ Podcast: Being transgender in high school

Logan Crews, opinions editor

February 23, 2018

Logan Crews, opinions editor, and Hayden Wilson, sophomore, talk about their experiences being transgender in high school from coming out to bathrooms to awkward encounters.

Photo gallery: talent show

Hadley Lange, senior, sings and plays guitar.

Audrey Berns and Megan Van Buren

December 18, 2017

KHS students showed off their talents, ranging from spoken word poetry to hip-hop dancing, in the KHS Talent Show November 30.    

To find oneself

Maggie Burton

Ally Ortmann, features writer

December 6, 2017

Known for being an openly transgender student dedicated to securing rights for the LGBTQ+ community, Hayden Wilson, sophomore, has struggled to gain freedom from society and his own mind. Hayden was diagnosed with depression in October of his eighth grade year while still identifying with his birth sex. Hayden was born female and had not questioned his sexual or gender identity until finding l...

Suicide Awareness Week Video 2017

Suicide Awareness Week Video 2017

Annie O'Brien, features writer

May 4, 2017

Warning: This video contains sensitive material regarding suicide. TKC understands that everyone deals with this differently and only wishes to spread awareness about the problems with suicide and mental illness in our community and offer resources. If you are concerned about yourself or a friend, tal...

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