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Art by Elena Sherwood. Picture of Phebe Hammond, senior, working her shift at Kaldi's in Kirkwood.

Senior profile: Phebe Hammond

Lila Shepard and features writer May 3, 2021

Walking into work, the smell of roasting espresso beans fills her nose. Phebe Hammond used to bike to Kaldi’s when she was younger to get pastries and coffee; now she has been working there for over...

Make sure you're at the right place in your college search process with these tips.

The college search, mapped

Olivia Silvey, opinions writer March 13, 2020

Two words: college search. For some, this seems like a distant future. For others, it’s a nerve-wracking reality. However, for everyone looking to go to college after graduation, the formidable college...

And no honor (besides winning the state title) compares to being honored in the annual All-Hockey Hair Team video.

Land of 10,000 locks

Austin Cleveland, sports writer March 13, 2019

  For many March the beginning of college basketball’s March Madness, but for the boys on skates in the land of 10,000 lakes, March is the Minnesota High School Hockey tournament. And no...

Why high school sucks

Why high school sucks

Brendan Davidson, parsnip editor October 26, 2018

They’re the most miserable years of your life: full of drama, annoying people and too much work that manages to teach you completely useless knowledge before you quickly forget it after the test. That’s...

To All the Boys I've Loved Before

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Charlotte Heinrich, features + in-depth editor September 5, 2018

Art by Thora Pearson If you’ve taken even just one scroll through VSCO, checked your Instagram explore page or opened Netflix within the past two weeks, you’ve caught a glimpse of it. A stylish...

As if!

As if!

Kiden-Aloyse Smith, opinions writer August 28, 2018

Most of the time, movies about high school are made by people so far from high school they don’t even know how school works anymore. Most high schools don’t have teenagers that look older than 20 years...

art courtesy of Venngage under the Creative Commons License

How to document your teenage life

Charlotte Heinrich, features writer January 30, 2018

Physics classes and trips to Pioneer Perks slowly seem to blend together. Before you know it, the awkward freshman version of yourself will be four years taller and smarter. You don’t want to forget...

Arriving late on the struggle bus

Arriving late on the struggle bus

Cece Hensley and Kennady Wade August 29, 2016

What we know: The Riverview Gardens School District (RGSD) is responsible for the busing of KSD students who live in their district to and from school. KSD pays for the 4:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m. activities...

A Missouri spring through the lens of an antique.

A Missouri spring through the lens of an antique.

Chase Kilby, photographer May 2, 2016

Flowers bloom, baseball begins and everyone is outside in Kirkwood, signifying spring has begun. Chase Kilby, photographer, walked around KHS and the Kirkwood community to capture spring in action....

Love through the ages

Love through the ages

Erin Kelly and Abby Carpenter February 13, 2016

With Valentine’s Day coming up, love is in the air. All around KSD, elementary schoolers are busy stapling lollipops onto their Spongebob Valentine’s Day cards while high schoolers scramble to make...

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